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Who wants to be a Bible millionaire? Who Wants to be a Bible Millionaire? - The most sophisticated and largest Bible trivia quiz added so far.

Pentecost Quiz - Based on the Old & New Testament of the Bible, and contains 10 questions.

Antichrist Quiz - Based on Biblical prophecy about the Antichrist and related terms -- contains 10 questions.

The Ten Commandments Quiz - Gives you a score and report card.

Self Grading Bible Quiz - 15 questions and a report card when you finish.

Feasts & Fasts Quiz - Questions about God's Holy Days, festivals and fasting.

Day of Atonement Quiz - A surprise before ending question.

Sabbath Quiz - Various questions about the 4th commandment.

Online Bible Hangman Game Bible Hangman - Try to figure out the 66 names of the books of the Bible and learn their order.

Christian/Bible Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle: Bible People

Crossword Puzzle: Biblical Persecution

Crossword Puzzle: Holy Day

Crossword Puzzle: Baptism

WordSearch Puzzle: 12 Apostles (Printable Bible game)


If you notice an error in any of these Bible games/quizzes or have suggestions, please email me. The questions in the above Bible games are based off of the Authorized and New King James translations and may be played by youth (kids & teens) and adults. A few of the computer games require the software, Java, to be downloaded.