COGlinks, links to websites of groups somehow once related to the Worldwide Church of God

The following is an alphabetical list of groups/publications somehow once related to the Worldwide Church of God (thus it does not list all Sabbatarian groups). The name listed after the link is the individual who appears to be the most prominent in some respect in the group--if a group disagrees with the name or other comments after, please contact me there is no name listed, then no name was found--I personally feel that articles should list the author, but some groups appear to not wish to follow that practice--also, I have not included the word 'the' as part of any group's title and have normally copied what the title appeared to be from the group's website. If a link is found after the name, it will go to an article I wrote which explains how that group differs from the WCG under Herbert Armstrong.

Association for Christian Development Ken Westby (not a true COG as it denies pre-existence of Christ and NT accuracy--see article Was Unitarianism the Teaching of the Bible or Early Church?)
Barnabas Ministries Alan Ruth ('Independent')
Believers in Christ Church of God Jeff Henderson (one or two congregations)
Bethel Church of God Bryce Clark (one or two congregations)
Bible Fund J. Graham Davies (former editor of the Portuguese publications of the old WCG). Works with groups in Angola and Brazil and distributes Bibles mostly among members in Angola, Brazil and Namibia.
BibleNewsProphecy YouTube videos Bob Thiel
(once part of GCG/LCG)
Big Sandy Church of God David Havir (once affiliated with UCGaia)
British Israel Church of God Peter Salemi. BICOG claims that the President of the USA is the King of the North
CCOG Africa Bob Thiel (once part of GCG/LCG); Multiple languages.
CCOG Animations Channel Bob Thiel (once part of GCG/LCG).
CCOG Asia Bob Thiel (once part of GCG/LCG); Multiple languages.
CCOG Europe
Bob Thiel (once part of GCG/LCG); Multiple languages.
CCOG India
Bob Thiel (once part of GCG/LCG); Multiple languages.
CCOG New Zealand Bob Thiel (once part of GCG/LCG). .
CCOG Philippines
Bob Thiel (once part of GCG/LCG); Multiple languages.
CCOG English Language
Bob Thiel (once part of GCG/LCG)
CCOG Spanish Language
Bob Thiel (once part of GCG/LCG); Castilian
CG7.ORG This is a website for those interested in the Sabbath and churches that observe the seventh day Sabbath.
Chinese Language (Mandarin) Bob Thiel (once part of GCG/LCG)
Christian Biblical Church of God Fred Coulter Teachings of the Christian Biblical Church of God
Christian Church of God, Grand Junction Del Ledger (a few congregations, former UCG, not unitarian like the Christian Churches of God)
Christian Churches of God URL is Wade Cox requested that this page not be linked to. Here is an article titled Teachings of the Christian Churches of God This group reject's the deity of Jesus and has other unusual teachings--it is not a true COG.
Christian Educational Ministries Ron Dart (produces a radio show often sponsored by 'independent' groups) Teachings of Christian Education Ministries.
Christian Renewal Ministries International (note: website was replaced by pornography site, so link has been eliminated) Rick Richardson Teachings of Christian Renewal Ministries International They did teach Hebrew.
Christian Walks Mainly a listing of COG groups, magazines from various COGs, feasts, etc.
Church of God (Ontario, one or two congregations)
Church of God, aic David Hulme (once affiliated with UCG)
Teachings of Church of God, an International Community
Church of God Assembly (Sheldon Munson, once affiliated with LCG)
Church of God, a Worldwide Association, AKA COGWA Clyde Killough, et al (once affiliated with UCG)
Concerns about Church of God, a Worldwide Association
Church of God – America (note: link was apparently made inactive) for a time Leon Walker (once affiliated with UCG) COG America: A Group of Former UCG Ministers
Church of God, Berean Fellowship (one or two congregations)
Church of God (Christianos)
Church Of God, Colorado Terry Bruns (a few congregations)
Church of God Downers Grove (Illinois)
Church of God, Established in Modesto Steve LeBlanc (once part of COGaic)
Church of God, Faithful Flock Don Billingsley (once part of COGaic)
Church of God Fellowship Harold Smith
Church of God Homeschool Association (was Frank Olive, now donated to COG-ff) A source of the most old HWA/WCG/RadioCOG literature. However, the reproduction for some is not as good as, but they often have more recent articles that other sites are missing and have recently improved the quality of some of the materials.
COG in Wales Jonathan Bowles (once part of COGaIC)
Church of God, International Bronson James Teachings of the Church of God, International
Church of God Messenger Rod Reynolds (formerly with LCG)
Church of God In Peace in Truth/Congregation of God in Peace and Truth (links inactive) Don Haney (formerly with LCG), somewhat Messianic; see also Messianic Judaism Beliefs Differ from the Continuing Church of God.
Church of God, In Truth James Russell Teachings of Church of God, In Truth This is what I'd call a calendar group.
Church of God Kansas City Lenny Cacchio (has sponsored CEM radio, but claims no CEM affiliation)
Church of God Most High--Studies in the Word of God Wayne Bedwell
Church of God Outreach Ministries (formerly part of CGI) Teachings and Practices of Church of God Outreach Ministries
Church of God Perspectives (formerly UCG supporting, now perhaps COGWA) by John Carmack
Church of God, Preparing for the Kingdom of God Ronald Weinland's organization Brief Article on Church of God-Preparing for the Kingdom of God
Church of God Proclaimed ('Independent')
Church of God Sabbatarian Lyonel Bradley
Church of God, San Antonio (COGOM related)
Church of God (Seventh Day)-Denver Loren Stacy Teachings of Church of God, Seventh Day-Denver
Church of God (7th Day)-Salem Delwin DeLong Church of God 7th Day, Salem (West Virginia)
Church of God 7th Day-Jerusalem A small group
Church of God Southern California David Antion (formerly of CGI) Teachings of Church of God, Southern California
Church of God, The Eternal Jon W. Brisby (this group basically believes that it is faithful to the teachings that HWA originally received, but that HWA's later changes were in error. Raymond Cole started it)
Church of God, Vancouver
David Campbell (formerlly UCG, then LCG)
Church of God 21st Century this had been began by the late Raymond McNair (formerly with GCG, CGCF, LCG) but no longer exists.
Church of the Eternal God
Norbert Link (once affiliated with GCG)
Church of the Great God John Ritenbaugh Teachings of Church of the Great God
Church of the Sovereign God Ben Faulkner (formerly with GCG, LCG)
COGwriter B. Thiel (supports Philadelphia-era COG beliefs, yet has news and articles about various COGs. Highest viewed COG news site of any known COG supporting site.)
Congregation of God Seventh Day John A. Pinkston
Continuación de la Iglesia de Dios Bob Thiel. This is the Spanish site for the Continuing Church of God. url is
Continuing Church of God Bob Thiel (once part of GCG/LCG) Beliefs of the Continuing Church of God.Here is a related link in Spanish: De las Doctrinas de la Continuación de la Iglesia de Dios.
Continuing Church of God YouTube sermons Bob Thiel
Crusade Church of God Fellowship Larry R. Lasiter (one or two congregations)
End Time Assembly of God Henry Nix (one or two congregations)
Enduring Church of God (Charles Bryce once part of GCG/LCG)
Eternal Church of God Art Braidic (once part of GCG)
Frank Nelte Frank Nelte (former WCG minister, now independent--a 'calendar' person)
Giving & Sharing Richard Nickels (not a Church, but a source of history, articles, and books)
Global Church of God (UK) Brian Gale (once part of GCG)
God's Church, Worldwide was Robert J. Elliot Teachings of God's Church, Worldwide
Greater Church of God Wray Zehrung (once part of GCG/CEG)
Hearts of the Fathers (Jim Gillespie) Some HWA materials
Herbert W. Armstrong This is an article about him and contains many quotes from the 1973 edition of his autobiography.
Herbert W Armstrong Library A site with HWA materials, many not in pdf, hence easier to read than some other sites. (was Don Tiger) A lot of online Plain Truth, Good News, and Tomorrow's World magazines. Not a church. Basically an archive of a lot of older materials.
Hold Fast to All Things (Daniel Cohran) Despite misunderstandings about the work, there are a lot of old HWA and other sermons here.
Hope of Israel-CHURCH OF YEHOVAH (E. Raymond Capt) One emphasis of this group's webpage is selling books.
House of Yahweh Yisrayl Hawkins
Independent Church of God - Sabbath Fellowship Group Bill Bratt (CEM supporting)
Independent Church of God 7th Day Wayne Holmes (one congregation, some former CGI ties)
Intercontinental Church of God Mark Armstrong Teachings of the Intercontinental Church of God
International Ambassador Outreach (former UCG supporters--defunct)
Larry Salyer & Leon Walker are Directors of International Ambassador Outreach
JERUSALEM 7TH DAY CHURCH OF GOD A sacred name group Jerusalem 7th Day Church of God
Journal: News of the Churches of God Dixon Cartwright. (independant publication ran primarily by former members of UCG)
Legacy Institute Leon Sexton (teaches Asians certain COG doctrines) Teachings and Practices of Legacy Institute
Living Church of God WU Gerald Weston What About the Living Church of God? Are there Doctrinal Differences with the Continuing Church of God? and Why Bob Thiel Left the Living Church of God
Meridian Church of God Seventh Day Jody Crowson (also affiliated with CG7-Denver) Meridian Church of God Seventh Day
Mid-Missouri Church of God (one congregation)
New Testament Evangelism Bill Jacobs and Guy Swenson (formerly with UCG)
Obedient, Church of God Lawrence Nowell (small anti-postponement group) Hebrew Calendar
Pabco's Page HWA literature, mostly booklets (formally COGaic supporting)
Pacific Church of God Rick Railston (formerly with CGFNW)
Patuloy na Iglesya ng Diyos This is the Philippines website Continuing Church of God. URL is
Philadelphia Church of God Gerald Flurry Teachings Unique to the Philadelphia Church of God
PLAIN TRUTH About Malachi’s Message And THAT PROPHET Robert S. Kuhne (anti-PCG site)
(The) Present Commission Ralph Burgess (anti-tithing, anti-preaching gospel as witness)
Remnant Church of God Rolland D. Wile (one or two congregations)
Remnant of The Worldwide Church of God Luis Garcia (former RCG)
Restoration Ministries John Allen (one or two congregations)
Restored Church of God David Pack Why Not the Restored Church of God?
Servants News Norman Edwards (formerly of GCG)
Seventh Day Christian Assembly Ken Swiger (one or two congregations)

7th Day Sabbath Churches of God Peter C. (CGI-ish). This site has news and lists congregations and Feast of Tabernacles' sites for several COG groups (CCOG, LCG, UCG, COGWA, CGG, CG-FF, CGI, ICG, CGM, CG-EIM, THG, CGSC, OCCG, CGF, etc.).
Stedfast Church of God Arlen Berkey Its Not Stedfast (and it no longer exists)
The Church of God Jamie McNab (very small group)
The Church of God Don Roth (one or two congregations--former PCG supporter)
Triumph Prophetic Ministries William Dankenbring
Teachings of Triumph Prophetic Ministries
United Christian Ministries Ray Wooten (formerly part of UCG)
United Church of God Victor Kubik Differences between the Living Church of God and United Church of God

Vigilant Church of God (was L.F. Maschio who claimed he was "ordained by Jesus Christ" in the spiritual sense; now Michael Venish, formerly of RCG) Should the Church Still Try to Place its Top Priority on Proclaiming the Gospel or Did Herbert W. Armstrong Change that Priority for the Work?
Wholeworld Church of God Ronald W. Laughland
Worldwide Assembly of YHWH (a sacred name group--site no longer active) Teachings of the Worldwide Assembly of Yahweh
Worldwide Church of God (no longer accepts COG doctrines, usually teaches against them and was renamed Grace Communion International) WCG Announces 35 Beliefs Book

Now there are two sort of large groups I have not intentionally left out, but they don't really have a unified website. The first are people who are still in WCG and who feel that WCG is still God's Church (even though WCG changed its name to Grace Communion International). The following two articles should be applicable (even though Ron Wallen died) Comments on the Teachings of Ron Wallen, Philip Neal and others who Professed that WCG has God's Authority and Do You Know What Were the First Changes the Tkach Administration Made?

Furthermore, the second is that there are many independent members who occasionally fellowship with various groups. Here is an article for them Independent Members of the COG: HWA Comments, Plus Questions and Answers

Note: With the exception of listing the Worldwide Church of God (now called Grace Communion International), webpages whose primary purposes seem to be to be against the Churches of God are not included above. Nor is being listed above an endorsement that the group is actually part of the true Church of God (God only knows--and some have become so close to non-COG groups that they it may not be correct to categorize them as part of the COG). Most groups listed above are quite small. Some groups had so many pop-up issues that they are not listed (could not get to their actual page without excessive difficulties). I should also comment that those listed as 'CEM supporting' are mainly independents who send a portion of the income to CEM or pay to sponsor CEM's radio broadcast; they are sort of a loose confederation (so loose, that one who is actually mentioned frequently at CEM's website and who sponsors its radio broadcast told me that his group has no CEM affiliation)--I should probably mention that CEM does not have the type of income one would expect since over 1,000 have some connection to it. The above listing also does not include individual congregation websites (such as those from UCG/LCG congregations or separate international sites for the groups--those can normally be accessed from the groups main page) for those who are actually part of larger groups.

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