Greetings from Charlotte,

Mr. Meredith has held a number of meetings this week, and we are busily preparing for the upcoming Council of Elders meeting and Ministerial Conference that will be held in late April and early May. Mr. Lambert Greer reports that our members living in the areas of the U.S. hit by tornadoes this past week have been protected (see report below). I just spoke with Mr. Bruce Tyler, and he related that the Southeastern portion of Australia has received record-breaking rains that have caused severe flooding in the region. Mr. Mario Hernandez is scheduled to be in Geneva, Switzerland, this coming Sabbath. I will be in Barbados and Trinidad this weekend for services and to make Tomorrow’s World Special Presentations on the subject of “The Gathering Storm.”—DSW

Church Administration

Passover 2012 (Repeat Announcement)
Important Notice to All Pastors: This year the Passover Service will be observed on Thursday evening, April 5. Let us know as soon as possible if any of the congregations you serve will need additional Passover Service supplies (bread trays and/or wine trays or glasses) or a copy of the Passover Servicerecording. To ensure timely delivery and to save on shipping costs, please let us know this information right away.
Additionally, let us know of any scattered members who are unable to keep the Passover with a congregation and who need to receive the Passover Service recording and letter instructions to observe it at home. Please direct your requests to Dorothy McNair at the Church Administration Department by e-mail at dmcnair@lcg.org or by phone at 704-844-1960, ext. 2248, as soon as possible.
Church Survey
Attention all U.S. Area Pastors: This is a reminder that the Church Survey results of your congregations are due next Thursday, March 15, at Headquarters. We thank you for your diligent attention to this project, as an up-to-date and accurate database is vital for many different purposes, such as timely mailings, festival registration, donation receipts, and for accurate demographic information used in planning.
Songleading DVD and Instruction Manual
To all Pastors: Copies of Song Leading Basics, the instructional booklet and DVD produced by the Living Church of God, is available to pastors to use either for group instruction or to give to individuals. Pastors are welcome to order as many copies as you need. To order copies, write to Dorothy McNair at cad@lcg.org to let us know how many copies you need for your entire area.
Prayer Request
I had the opportunity to visit Mr. Evo Walker, our elder serving in Columbus, Mississippi, in the hospital today (Tuesday). He motioned for me to anoint him and I did so and afterward he drifted off to sleep. His wife said that he has been diagnosed with a lung infection and that his heart is also very stressed. Mr. and Mrs. Walker would appreciate prayers.—Ed Breaux
About 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 3, John Finney, a deacon serving in Lake City, Florida, was having difficulty speaking, a problem he has had before when experiencing a migraine headache, but by about 9:00 a.m. his right leg and right arm also quit functioning. Family members came to realize this was more than he had ever experienced with migraines and took him to the VA Medical Center in Lake City. There, a stroke was confirmed and he was transferred to the larger facility in Gainesville.
Prayer requests were sent out on Saturday to all of the nearby congregations via telephone and also to Church members and friends farther away via social media. By Saturday night not much had changed. Clearly spoken words were limited to “yes” and “no” and often even those were indicated by shaking or nodding his head. His right arm and leg were still limp.
Mr. Joe Brown, minister of the North Florida congregations, sent an anointed cloth to Mr. Finney and immediately after being anointed, there was some movement of his right leg. By Sunday afternoon, he was bending his right knee and wiggling his fingers on his right hand and an hour or two later he could raise his arm and place his right hand behind his head. His speech also improved gradually. On Monday, he moved himself onto and off of gurneys as he went through tests. By Tuesday evening, after running a number of tests, the doctors could find no scarring or damage worth mentioning and all they could say was that they were amazed at his unexplainable recovery. They said they now felt he could not have had a stroke because there was no evidence of one. Mr. Finney told the doctor that we knew what had happened. He had people a ll over the world praying for him. Mr. Finney was released from the hospital Wednesday morning, March 7.
Brethren Protected During Storms
Southern Indiana and Kentucky experienced violent storms and destructive tornados on Friday, March 2. The damage and loss is still being assessed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Many small communities were completely destroyed, as you may have seen in news coverage.
It was very evident that God protected the homes and lives of the members of His Church. Numerous powerful tornados left paths of devastation on both sides of many of the homes and property of our brethren across the area. Some members in the Louisville and Berea, Kentucky, congregations did, however, have relatives who were seriously injured or whose homes were leveled or who suffered property damage. In the extended family of one member there were three fatalities.
As we witness the loss and suffering of so many others, we are very thankful for God’s protection and His mercy.—Lambert Greer
Carolina Singles Weekend
Singles! Would you like to take part in an enjoyable weekend of fellowship and fun with other singles? Get ready for the Carolina Singles Weekend! Plans are being made for the third annual running of this activity, which will take place over Memorial Day Weekend, Friday, May 25 through Monday, May 28. This year it will also coincide with Pentecost on Sunday, May 27. Registration will begin soon! For more information check out the local Charlotte website atwww.charlottelcg.org (notan official Church website). You can also contact Darren Brinson at Darren.Brinson@hotmail.com.

Living Youth Programs

LYC Adventure Camp 2012 Glacier Park, Montana
For anyone who has not yet applied for the Adventure Camp program in Glacier Park and who would still like to do so, the deadline for applications is this Monday, March 12. The camp is at, or near, capacity because of the outstanding response from those of you who would like to attend! Acceptance letters will be mailed out by Friday, March 16—so that those who are accepted can plan ahead. Please note that the arrival date for campers has been moved up one day to Tuesday, July 10. Do not purchase your airfare until you receive your acceptance to camp and the guidelines to follow when booking your flights. We will spend five fabulous days backpacking in the Rockies and follow it up with whitewater rafting/kayaking. This will be a trip of a lifetime!
Teen Bible Studies
This Sunday, March 11, the online weekly teen Bible Study (on www.livingyouth.org) will be presented by Mr. Rod McNair and will be titled “Jonathan: A Story of Loyalty.” The chat room will open at 6:30 p.m. (U.S. Eastern Time) and the study will start at 7:00 p.m. We encourage teens and their families to tune in to these weekly Bible studies. About a dozen ministers are already lined up to present a different study each week.—Sheldon Monson
Texas Pre-Teen Camp
Plans are being made to hold this year's Texas Pre-Teen Camp June 10-15 in Bellville, Texas. We are still finalizing the details and hope to be able to begin taking applications soon. Keep checking www.livingyouth.org for more details.—Phil Sena, Texas Pre-Teen Camp Director


Are You a Peacemaker? Jesus Christ is coming back to this earth as the Prince of Peace to show a confused world the way to peace (Isaiah 9:6; 59:8). Jesus said that “peacemakers” will be called the “sons of God” (Matthew 5:9). If we hope to reign with Christ in the Kingdom of God, we must understand the way to peace. The Bible points the way to peace and reveals the key to achieving peace. David wrote, “Great peace have those who love Your law” (Psalm 119:165). Solomon points out that pride leads to contention (Proverbs 13:10), but “a soft answer turns away wrath” and that being slow to anger relieves contention (Proverbs 15:1, 18). To promote peace, we must guard our comments (Proverbs 21:23), be ab le to forgive and exercise discretion (Proverbs 17:9; 19:11), avoid gossip, avoid venting our feelings and avoid meddling in other people’s business (Proverbs 26:17-20; 29:11). The Apostle Paul urged Christians to “live peaceably” with others by being kind, hospitable, respectful, and not retaliating (Romans 12:9-21). He said that selfish ambition and self-promotion do not promote peace (Philippians 1:15-16). James wrote that being gentle, approachable and willing to listen to reason will foster peace (James 3:17). The real keys to peace involve exercising the fruits of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:19-26) and loving our neighbor. Are you learning to be a peacemaker?
Have a profitable Sabbath,

Douglas S. Winnail

News and Prophecy—March 8, 2012
Factories for the Fatherless: Every year in the United States, 30,000–60,000 children are born from sperm donations. As more women want “husband-free” children and “gay marriage” increases, the “reproductive industry” makes vast sums of money through sperm donations. Sperm donors frequently sire dozens of children, and some hundreds, most of whom never know their father. But the “industry” creating fatherless children is rife with problems. Donors, parents, and medical personnel are worried about “…potential negative consequences of having so many children fathered by the same donors, including the possibility that genes for rare diseases could be spread more widely through the population. Some experts are even calling attention to the incre ased odds of accidental incest between half sisters and half brothers, who often live close to one another” (New York Times, November 5, 2011). A 2010 study of children born via sperm donation identified enormous mental health problems for children of “donors” (OneNewsNow.com, March 2, 2012). God intended for all children to grow up in intact families complete with a father and a mother—something that many today want to deny. Millennia ago, God warned, “You shall not afflict any widow or fatherless child” (Exodus 22:22). Today’s reproductive industry, supporting selfish and perverted would-be parents, is afflicting the fatherless before they are even born! One day soon, Jesus Christ will return and restore vital laws designed to support strong families, including teaching people how to have happy marriages. For more about this, read our booklet, God’s Plan for Happy Marriage.
2012A Year for Tornadoes? In the central United States, more than 150 tornadoes touched down from February 28 through March 3. These storms killed 49 people and literally wiped several towns “off the map.” Most of the tornadoes occurred in the five states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Alabama. “The U.S. has experienced 272 tornadoes this year through March 4, more than twice the seven-year average for the period….” Damage estimates range from U.S. $1-2 billion so far (Bloomberg.com, March 6, 2012). 2011 was the U.S.’s deadliest year in more than 100 years, with more than 550 deaths, and if the first part of 2012 is any indicator, this could be another very deadly year (ChicagoTribune.com, March 5, 2012). Bible prophecies make it clear that severe weather will characterize end-time events (Luke 21:11; Leviticus 16:14-15, 19-21). However, there is a better time coming when the Messiah will usher in an era of unparalleled peace—a time when sorrow, crying, pain and death will begin to disappear (Revelation 21:4). In the meantime, students of the Bible should not be surprised to witness increasing weather disasters as yet another sign of the end of the age. For more information about end-time weather and prophecy, review our free booklet: Who Controls the Weather ?

Lost the Game but Won the Battle: The basketball team of Beren Academy (an Orthodox Jewish High School), almost missed a semi-final tournament game because team members refused to play at the scheduled time—on the Sabbath. The Academy asked for rescheduling, but the request was denied by the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools. Yet the players were not willing to compromise, and they stayed faithful to the Sabbath. Beren senior, Isaac Mirwis, said, “it’s tradition, it’s principle, and we stick true to our principles and that’s what makes an identity. God doesn’t take a week off from us, so we can’t take a week off from God” (Associated Press, February, 28, 2012). Two days later, a Texas judge ordered the game rescheduled to avoid the Sabbath conflict. Beren Academy won the game (Foxnews.com, March 1, 2012). They went on to play in the championship game, which they lost 46-42. The team set a fine example of standing strong in the day of adversity (Proverbs 24:10) and not compromising God’s Sabbath. God promised to be our Helper in time of need (Hebrews 13:5-6). God does not change (Malachi 3:6), and He still defends those who obey His commandments (Joshua 1:7-9). We are admonished to pray for those in authority so we may live a quiet and peaceful life (1 Timothy 2:1-2). In this case, a “ruler over them” (a judge), enabled the Beren team to keep the Sabbath and still play ball! God keeps His promises! For more information on the Sabbath Day, request our free booklet, Which Day Is the Christian Sabbath?Scott Winnail and Justin Ridgeway

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