Cheerful greetings to everyone, 

In last week’s Update, we announced that Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ames were expected to return to Charlotte on Tuesday, August 2, and we added (tongue in cheek), “fresh and totally rested!!!” Well, the three exclamation points were absolutely unnecessary: yesterday, during our executive lunch meeting with Mr. Meredith, Mr. Ames was more alert, more energetic, more effervescent and more vivacious than any one of us—or even all of us combined. Does it mean that we should all take a European tour every so often? 

Dr. Doug Winnail and Mr. Paul Shumway are traveling to the Caribbean to visit our congregations in Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago.  Early this morning, Mr. Rod McNair and his family left for a Church visit in Minneapolis. Mr. McNair will also be conducting some Feast business in Wisconsin next Monday and Tuesday.  

The USA, Canada and Caribbean Feast of Tabernacles speaking schedules have been sent to all Feast speakers, in their respective regions.—Dibar Apartian 


Living Youth Camp 

It was a special privilege to spend several days with nearly 200 enthusiastic campers and staff in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I was able to observe a number of activities and to address several Christian Living classes in addition to bringing the sermon on the Sabbath. It was encouraging and inspiring to see a large group of young people learning how to identify God’s true Church and the values that are part of God’s way of life. The camp experience is the result of a well-coordinated team effort led by Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Weston. My special thanks for the opportunity to paddle a canoe on Lake Huron with Mr. Sheldon Monson and a brief archery lesson from Mr. Charles Ogwyn—maybe I can return to the U.K. as Robin Hood!—Doug Winnail  

Feast of Tabernacles—Ayr, Scotland 

If you are attending the Feast in Ayr, Scotland this year and would like to participate in the Choir, or can perform special music, please contact Mr. VG Lardé by e-mail at vg@vglarde.net.  

Australian Update 

Mr. Bruce Tyler reports: June and July are normally our rainiest months, but Adelaide is currently experiencing its driest recorded season since 1913.  It seems the whole nation is debating how to find solutions to tackle the water crisis.           

Meanwhile, the months of June and July have not been a drought for God’s Work in this region of the world.  For the last two months, we have had a record 60 new visit requests.  We have added 41 new donors, who were subscribers and have made their first donation to the Work.  This surge in donors is primarily in response to Mr. Meredith’s powerful semi-annual letter offering the latest booklet “The Bible: Fact or Fiction?”  We also added 12 new co-workers—subscribers who have made two donations within a six-month period.           

The Tomorrow’s World program continues to provoke viewers to respond.  During June and July, we received 1,424 responses and added 1,040 new subscribers to our mailing list.  The total number of items of literature we have mailed to Australian households for the same two months was 23,562 pieces. Please remember to pray that God will call more labourers to fulfil His will in these end-times. 


Upcoming Television Season 

At headquarters, as we prepare to begin taping our new Tomorrow’s World television programs later in August, we are in the process of remodeling and upgrading the television studio set.  The set will have a new look and some technical improvements that should enhance the presentation of the Gospel message to television audiences around the world. 

TV Responses 

Our responses to our Saturday and Sunday airings came in amazingly strong, especially for a repeat program! This weekend we re-aired program #272, “Pagan Holidays or God’s Holy Days,” which offers the booklet, The Holy Days: God’s Master Plan!  From Thursday through Sunday, we received 2,230 phone calls, and the total went over 2,900 by the end of the week. The first airing back in April generated 3,169 responses.  This week’s airing brought in 92 percent of the first airing’s response, which is an exceptional summer-time response. 

Last week we began testing a new radio station in Clearwater, Florida—WTAN at 1340 AM on the dial.  The first two back-to-back programs on Monday, July 24, between 5:00 am and 6:00 am, brought in two calls. The next two programs on Wednesday, August 2, however, did not produce anything. The manager at the radio station really loves the Tomorrow’s World program, and he is the one who asked us to air the Tomorrow’s World program on his station.  He is giving us FREE air time for the test. 


Are you in Satan’s Crosshairs? The Bible contains numerous warnings about Satan, and how he operates to deceive, divide and destroy people. He moves like a hunting lion, carefully stalking his unsuspecting prey (1 Peter 5:8). He is a dangerous adversary searching for vulnerable individuals (1 Timothy 5:14-15). Satan does not hunt using claws or bullets, but instead spreads gossip, rumors and lies about other people (1 Timothy 5:13, Leviticus 19:16, John 8:44). He encourages sharing confidential information to discredit others (Proverbs 11:13, 17:9). He fosters dissention and divisions by stirring fears, jealously and ambitions (1 Corinthians 1:10-13). He will also use anyone—members and ministers—to sow discord and do his work (2 Corinthians 11:1-15). Satan zeros in on people who have doubts, hurts and resentments, or who feel wronged or overlooked, or whose ideas, opinions or ambitions are denied. He uses such individuals to criticize, lash out at or undermine others. We are advised not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices (2 Corinthians 2:11). We must recognize and resist his attempts to deceive and divide (1 Peter 5:9) so we do not become unsuspecting victims of negative attitudes he beams at those in his crosshairs (Ephesians 2:2). 

Have a profitable Sabbath,

Douglas S. Winnail


NEWS AND PROPHECY—August 3, 2006 

Israel, U.S. Facing a New Arab Unity. As fighting continues in Lebanon, Arab public opinion is heating up, causing governments in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Mideast countries to shift from criticizing Hezbollah to denouncing Israel as the aggressor in the conflict. Many other citizens seem to be putting aside Shiite-Sunni hatreds, refocusing their energies against the Jewish state. The cry chanted in the street outside Cairo’s Istqama Mosque on Friday was: “Oh Sunni! Oh, Shiite! Let’s fight the Jews,” and “The Jews and the Americans are killing our brothers in Lebanon!” (Yahoo News, Associated Press, July 28, 2006).  When Hagar was fleeing from her mistress, an angel of the LORD appeared to her and prophesied the kind of life the child she would bear Abraham would have, “He shall be a wild man; his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him…” (Genesis 16:12). Ishmael became the father of today’s Arab peoples living in the Middle East. This war-like tendency and hatred of Israel will ultimately prepare the way for a King of the South described in Daniel 11:40-45. 

China To Build Stronger Military. China’s concern over international developments is spurring fears for the nation’s security and continuing economic growth. An essay in a recent issue of Qiushi (Seek Truth) magazine, the Communist Party’s ideological publication, said a stronger military is needed to defend the nation. The official China News Service reported, “Destabilizing and uncertain factors are increasing and having a major impact of China’s security environment. History demonstrates that one cannot rely on others granting peace, and only building a strong military and firm national defense can provide a reliable security barrier…” (Reuters [from Beijing], July 26, 2006). China currently has 2.3 million under arms in the People’s Liberation Army, which is the world’s largest standing military force. However, China is only spending a reported $35.5 billion on its forces, annually, compared to a $419.3 billion U.S. defense budget. Beijing is finding itself increasingly at odds with Taiwan, Japan and the U.S. and is cautiously eying developments in the Middle East. Eventually, China will be a major manpower contributor to a huge military force that will play a key role in end time-events. (see Revelation 9:16-18).

Heat Kills People, Livestock, Blisters Crops. Since mid-July, in California, a heat wave has killed more than 100 people and 25,000 dairy cows, and has put crops at risk. Temperatures in the Central Valley counties have soared above 110 degrees on some days, overwhelming plants that dispose of cattle carcasses. To speed disposal, the California Department of Food and Agriculture has issued a waiver in eight counties allowing animal carcasses to be buried in landfills. The California Farm Bureau reports milk production down 15 percent statewide. Poultry farms in the region estimate that 800,000 birds have died. Farmers are also worried about the coming harvest, as peach, plum, nectarine, strawberry and tomato crops have been severely damaged. Farm laborers could not work because of the heat (San Francisco Chronicle, July 26; Yahoo News, July 27 and BBC, July 28, 2006). As we enter the time of the end, we are feeling firsthand the meaning of Revelation 16:9 “And men were scorched with great heat, and they blasphemed the name of God who has power over these plagues; and they did not repent and give Him glory.”—Don Davis

COGwriter 2006

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