Greetings from Charlotte, 

The Fall Holy Days begin this Sabbath with the Feast of Trumpets!  Mr. and Mrs. Meredith are off to New England for the Sabbath, Mr. and Mrs. Ames will be heading for Louisiana, Mr. and Mrs. Apartian will be going to Asheville, North Carolina, and I will be heading for Texas for the Holy Day.  We have finished the “Behind the Work” film for the Feast and it has been mailed out to the Festival Coordinators.  It is good to be back in Charlotte after an extended trip to South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and the UK.  It was encouraging to meet with ministers and their wives and brethren in the various countries and to see the dedication to doing God’s work at this time.  It was rewarding to be able to ordain Mr. Simon Muthama as a deacon in Nairobi.  Mr. Muthama has done a fine job helping to stabilize the congregations in Kenya during the last year.  It was also exciting to welcome a number of new people both in Tanzania and Nairobi, as well as in Scotland. 


Importance of Holy Day Offerings 

As we enter the Fall Holy Day season with all the joy that it brings, we should not lose sight of the importance of the Feast of Tabernacles to the Work.  Not only do we have the opportunity to become spiritually rejuvenated during this time—and not only are we to be good examples to the world as we enjoy the Feast—but our enthusiastic participation in the Holy Day Offerings is also very important to the Work. 

The annual Holy Day offerings provide more than 20% of our total income to preach and to publish the Gospel and to feed the flock.  While it is obvious to us that our members have their hearts in the Work and support it very generously, for which we are deeply grateful, our Holy Day offerings for the Spring Holy Days were slightly less (1.1%) than our budgeted amount.  Although percentage-wise the deficit is small, it does impact the Work.   

So, as each of you plan for the Feast and your offerings, please do what you can to give as you are able (Deuteronomy 16:17) and as you purpose in your heart (II Corinthians 9:7). If you are traveling from the USA to international sites for the Feast, please remember to turn in your Holy Day offering before leaving the USA. You may want to supplement your offering by making a contribution at the international Festival site, but your main offering should stay in the USA. 

Thank you again for your personal participation in the Work as you pray for the success of all that we do and as you give to make that success possible.—Davy Crockett 

A Last-Minute Reminder: Holy Day Envelopes. Fall Holy Day envelopes should now have arrived in your mailbox. If you have not yet received them, please let us know right away and we will send you a set. You can contact us by phone at 704-844-1970; or by e-mail at gbonjour@lcg.org or jruddlesden@lcg.org.  


In less than 15 days, the Living Church of God will be celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day at 43 different Feast sites throughout 30 countries—on six continents—and for the first time in Nigeria!  As our excitement increases for God’s Fall Holy Days, remember to pray for good weather, protection, safe travel and God’s powerful inspiration on the messages.  

Site Information on MyLCG Website

Information about Festival site activities and general announcements are being posted on the www.cogl.org website.  To check updates on the site you are planning to attend, go to the MyLCG section of www.cogl.org, log-in with your PIN and password, then click on “Feast Site Information,” then click on “View Feast Sites.”  Select the site you are wishing to find more information about.  The announcements about activities and other information is posted at the top of each site’s description. Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.  

Daytona Beach, Florida 

Volunteers Meeting. There will be a brief meeting for all who volunteered to serve at the Feast in Daytona Beach.  Please meet with your respective Department Heads at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, October 6, at the Peabody Auditorium. 

Poconos, Pennsylvania

Family Dinner Dance and More. The Feast sites here in the northeast have a reputation for occasionally including some slightly frigid weather. This year, we’ll be warming things up with our Family Dinner Dance, where we’ll be having a Millennial Tropical Night.  The ballroom will be transformed into our own tropical jungle island, with good food, fun and festivities.  The cost will be $25 for adults, half price for children.  Come in Sabbath dress, or if you’re really feeling adventurous, dress “tropically!”  Give that Hawaiian flowery shirt one last chance before winter sets in!

In addition to the Dinner-Dance, we will be having a family day picnic, a variety of teen activities, a “Progressive Fellowship Dinner,” a golf tournament, and more!  Come to the Poconos prepared to have a Feast to remember!

Hymnals (Repeat Announcement). As in the past, members should bring along Church hymnals to the Feast site they are attending.  On the last Sabbath before the Feast (September 30), each household is encouraged to take enough songbooks (one for every two persons) from their local congregation’s supply. Additionally, an assigned person should take a few extra songbooks for general use at the Feast. Be sure to bring the hymnals back to your local congregation after the Feast. It may be helpful to label hymnals as belonging to your congregation, in case they get mixed-up with others at the Feast. 


Beware of False Teachers!  Warnings about false teachers are found throughout the Bible, with much emphasis in the New Testament.  Jesus warned of false teachers who would come in “sheep’s clothing” (smooth talking, congenial, appearing spiritual) but were inwardly “ravenous wolves” who would seek to divide and devour the flock—and whose fruits (track records) would become obvious over time (Matthew 7:15-19).  Jesus said that at the end of the age “many” would come in His name and would “deceive many” (Matthew 24:5, 11, 24).  Paul warned that false teachers guided by a “different spirit” would even masquerade as “apostles of Christ” as they mislead people and function as ministers of Satan (II Corinthians 11:1-15).  Peter warned that false teachers would use deceptive words to promote divisive and destructive heresies, and they would speak evil of the truth and work of God (II Peter 2:1-3).  The Bible reveals that false teachers will speak lies (John 8:44), repeat rumors (Proverbs 11:13) and dig up evil to make accusations against others to discredit them (Proverbs 16:27; Revelation 12:9-10).  These prophesied events are happening today.  Let’s remember the numerous warnings and ask God for the spiritual discernment [sound mind] to recognize false teachers (II Timothy 1:6-7), because we will all be tested in this crucial area. 

Have a profitable Feast of Trumpets,

Douglas S. Winnail 

NEWS AND PROPHECY—September 21, 2006 

Muslims Angered by Pope’s Comments. Near the conclusion of his recent journey to Germany, Pope Benedict XVI quoted Byzantine emperor Manuel II as saying,  “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”  The Pope used the terms “jihad” and “holy war” and repeated Manuel’s assertion that “Violence is incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul.”  Muslim leaders around the globe quickly joined in condemnation of the Pope’s remarks. (Deutsche Welle, September 15, 2006). Ironically, too, a rash of violent acts have been perpetrated in response by Muslims around the globe. Pope Benedict is a cunning politician, playing to the fears of his European base and to the Eastern Orthodox, who have for centuries resisted the spread of Islam. Muslim leaders may be most angered not by what the Pope said, but rather by his having exposed to the world Islam’s violent teachings and contrasted them with the historical use of reason among Europeans. The Pope is drawing a line in the sand; from his church’s viewpoint, history is repeating itself as Islam is again on the march against “Christian” Europe. In centuries past, threatened European Catholics looked to the Vatican as the spiritual force to unify the continent against the “pagan heathens” at their gates. Benedict knows his history, and is poised to seize the opportunity at hand. It will be interesting to watch, as this newest development unfolds— keeping in mind prophecies about a great Church holding powerful sway over the coming Beast power! (Revelation 17:1-6). 

Nazi-Sympathizing Party Gains Ground in Germany.  Sunday parliamentary elections made clear the feelings of unrest and lack of confidence in the current government among an increasing number of Germans. Voters in Mecklenburg and Berlin increased their support of the far-right National Democratic Party—historically supportive of Nazi economic and education policies. Inflammatory rhetoric from the party almost led to former Prime Minister Schroeder banning the party several years ago. Low wages and high unemployment in east Germany, as well as frustration with current government policies, have an increasing number of Germans looking for alternative leadership that will make a real difference for Germans (Jerusalem Post, September 20, 2006). The Bible reveals that at the time of the end a powerful political leader will arise on the world scene who will lead a 10-nation league. This Beast will make war with the saints, as well as have power over nations, tongues and peoples (Revelation 13:1-7). Could it be that we are witnessing the beginnings of civil unrest in Europe, and particularly in Germany, that will lead to the situation being ripe for the election of a coming powerful dictator? History reveals that twice in the last 100 years, this very thing has happened on German soil. 

More Civil Unrest in South East Asia. In a move claiming to be done in the name of reestablishing democracy, General Sonthi Boonyaratglin of Thailand seized control of the country through a military coup on Tuesday. Analysts point to the contradiction in terms when violence is used to bring about democracy. They also point to the recent Asian cycle of government: constitution, election, corruption, coup… Meanwhile, religious fault lines within Asian nations continue to destabilize many fragile democracies (International Herald Tribune: Asia-Pacific, September 20, 2006). The Bible warns of signs of the end, with nations claiming, “Peace, peace! When there is no peace” (Jeremiah 8:14). As we look around the world we see more and more wars and rumors of wars. Nations are rising against nations and ethnic groups within nations are fighting each other.  The return of Jesus Christ, as King of kings and Lord of lords, is the only real solution to this world’s seemingly endless problems!  The Kingdom of God, pictured by the Feast of Tabernacles, will bring about this time of true world peace.—Don Davis, Scott Winnail

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