Greetings from Charlotte, 

This is a short week for us here in Charlotte with the American holiday of Thanksgiving occurring this Thursday.  We have enjoyed the extended visits we were able to have after the Council of Elders meeting with Mr. Rodney King from the UK and Mr. Bruce Tyler from Australia.  I just spoke with Mr. Ron McGowen, our elder in Houston, Texas. He and his wife would like to express their heartfelt thanks for the prayers and cards they have received regarding his recent health problem.  He reports that the heart surgery went well and he is proceeding well with his recovery. 


FEAST OF TABERNACLES—Copper Mountain Housing (to be read in all USA congregations)

Thank you to those who have contacted us already about their Copper Mountain Resort housing.  If you haven’t contacted us yet, and especially if you were turned away by the Copper Mountain Resort receptionists taking phone calls, please do e-mail us at festival@lcg.org or call 704-844-1960, ext. 212.  Please include the date you called (if you recall), your name, number in your party and the reason you were given for being turned away.—Festival Office 

Spanish Update 

Mr. Jorge Schaubeck informs us that on October 18, 2006, the Living Church of God was legally registered in Costa Rica with the name “Asociación Iglesia del Dios Viviente, El Mundo de Mañana.” The double name was chosen since another association was already registered with the name “Iglesia del Dios Viviente.” Nevertheless, this double name is favorable to us because we sometimes receive certified mail or offerings addressed to the Church (Iglesia del Dios Viviente) or to the radio program (El Mundo de Mañana). With this double name, we should have no problems receiving mail and depositing checks addressed to either “Iglesia del Dios Viviente” or “El Mundo de Mañana.” God makes things happen and He makes them happen right! The registration of the Church in Costa Rica is very beneficial; we now have the legal status that will enable us to sign contracts, buy or sell property, open bank accounts, legally receive tithes and offerings, and any other activity necessary for the operation of the Church.  

Personal Correspondence

The Personal Correspondence Department, which handles e-mail, letter and telephone questions, is increasingly busy, with 2006 expected to set a record in responses for the year.  We are also noticing a recent trend of responses that are of a more “confrontational” nature.  This is not entirely negative, especially as we draw close to the end and our message gets stronger.  We know our mission is not only to baptize those God calls, but also to give a warning and witness to those who may not be called at this time.  If some are upset with us, at least we know they are getting our message!Gary Ehman 


Mr. Wayne Pyle reports: This weekend we aired program #283, “Christ’s Coming Government,” which offered Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ’s Return! (FS). This was the 38th time for this booklet to be offered on the Tomorrow’s World telecast. From Thursday through Sunday we received 2,069 phone calls, and we are expecting the total for the week to edge over 2,800 replies. Since this booklet was first offered to our television audience in April 2001, we have now received more than 88,000 request for this one booklet. The FS booklet, as far as average response is concerned, ranks as our eighth most popular booklet. Three times FS-offers have surpassed 3,000 responses. This booklet has been offered on the telecast more than any other booklet.  

Heavy residuals poured in from viewers from last week’s telecast, program #282, “Principles for Effective Bible Study,” which offered the Bible Study Course. These replies pushed last week’s total well over 4,100—a new all-time record for the Bible Study Course.  

This week we received our 12,000th phone call from our satellite coverage over the United Kingdom, Europe, Scandinavia, northern Africa and the Middle East. We started airing via satellite in April 2006. Now, we are airing on three satellites: Eurobird, Hotbird-6 and Thor.  


What Are You Thankful For?   Today, we live in a world where many are obsessed with getting our rights—getting what we feel we are entitled to or what someone else owes us!  Yet, the Scriptures emphasize the importance of being thankful for what God provides (Psalm 95:2; 100:4).  The apostle Paul reflects this grateful attitude by being thankful “for all things” (Ephesians 5:20), for offerings (II Corinthians 9:15), for food and for being in the ministry (I Timothy 1:12; 4:3) and for conversions (Romans 1:8).  Paul mentions that prayerful requests should be made with thanksgiving (Philippians 4:6).  James states that we should even be grateful for trials that help us grow (James 1:2-4).  However, Paul warns that unthankfulness—especially for coming to know the true God and his truth—is a sign of unrighteousness (Romans 1:21).  When was the last time you took time to sit down and make a list of what you have to be thankful for and then expressed your thanks directly to your Creator?  Perhaps this Sabbath would be a good time to make that list. 

Have a profitable Sabbath,

Douglas S. Winnail   


NEWS AND PROPHECY—November 22, 2006 

Israelite Nations of Europe Are Falling. Britain and Ireland are leading Europe in crime rates. Ireland has the overall highest “victimization rate” in all of Europe. Only Britain surpassed Ireland in rates of car thefts and burglaries, according to a recent EU report (Times Online, August 27, 2006). Meanwhile, British researchers have recently sought permission to conduct research that will insert human DNA into cow embryos in order to speed up stem cell development. Although 99.9% human, the new embryo will technically be a mix of the two species. Stem cells will be harvested from the new embryo at six days of age before destroying the new, living, embryo. Calum MacKellar, from the Scottish Council on Human Bioethics, said, “In this kind of procedure, you are mixing at a very intimate level animal eggs and human chromosomes, and you may begin to undermine the whole distinction between humans and animals” (BBC, November 6, 2006). When God confused the languages at Babel, He stated as a reason, “now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them” (Genesis 11:6). God prophesied against Israel saying “Make a chain, for the land is filled with crimes of blood and the city is full of violence” (Ezekiel 7:23). Crime IS rapidly increasing in these once sanctified nations. This new research is also proposing even to “abort” newly formed human/cow embryos, just a week after their formation. For their disobedience, God promises to punish Israel. “They shall seek peace but there shall be none. Disaster will come upon disaster, and rumor will be upon rumor… the law will perish from the priest and counsel from the elders…” (vv. 25-26). This is exactly what we are seeing in the nations of Israel now! 

China Taking Steps to Gain Naval Supremacy. Two-thirds of the world’s surface is covered by water. For 300 years, Great Britain and the United States ruled the seas and thereby controlled ocean-bound commerce. Now, China is undertaking a major naval expansion that threatens to put the Asian power in control of the Pacific. Recently, a Chinese diesel-powered attack submarine came within striking range of the American carrier Kitty Hawk, yet was not discovered by U.S. naval surveillance until it surfaced (Reuters, November 13, 2006). In less than 20 years, China’s rapidly growing submarine force will be able to patrol the west coast of North America at will. General Wen Zongren, from China’s elite Military Academy of Sciences, has said, “China must ‘break’ the blockade [by] international forces against China’s maritime security... China must pass through oceans and go out of the oceans in its future development” (Heritage Foundation, March 1, 2006). China wants to secure the sea routes by which it receives raw materials from around the world, fueling the Asian giant’s goal of global domination. How else could the kings of the East amass the resources to sustain a military that will confront the final revival of the Roman Empire, and ultimately Jesus Christ Himself? (Revelation 16:12-14) 

Donald Rumsfeld to be Tried in German Courts.The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) will file a criminal complaint against former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld in a German Court.” Rumsfeld will be tried for war crimes associated with allowing torture of war criminals from Iraq—and prosecuted in German courts. By U.S. law, Rumsfeld cannot be retroactively prosecuted for crimes he may have committed prior to his resignation. However, although the U.S. is not a member of the International Criminal Court whose laws Rumsfeld is accused of violating, Germany is—and this is why German courts will try the case.  (Deutsche Welle, November 14, 2006). What will happen if the U.S. refuses to “hand over” Rumsfeld and others to a German court? At the time of the end, Israelite-descended nations are prophesied to be taken into captivity by an Assyrian-led union of nations (Isaiah 11:11; Zechariah 10:10). This union of ten nations will give their power over to a Beast—a political power that will lead them (Revelation 17:12-13). Germany is taking an increasingly visible lead in Europe and may also be taking the lead in pursuing Israelite-descended nations as well.—Don Davis, Scott Winnail, Lori Lyons

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