News of Those Once Affiliated with the Global Church of God

Since the November 1998 takeover of the old GCG by the board in the U.S., those once with GCG went to many places. Most of the members and ministers ultimately went with the Living Church of God (LCG), 8-15% went with the Church of God, a Christian Fellowship (CGCF) and smaller percentages ended up with David Pack's Restored Church of God (RCG), Harold Smith's Church of God Fellowship, Northwest (CGFnw), the Continuing Church of God (CCOG), and other groups (at least one which is outside the U.S. uses the term Global Church of God). On July 1, 2001, eight ministers resigned from CGCF and formed the Church of the Eternal God (CEG), similar in name, but not related, to the Eternal Church of God (ECG--founded by a minister removed from the original GCG ministry for impropriety). About a month later CGCF (USA) dissolved and most then with it ended up in the United Church of God (UCG). One former GCG minister (Ronald Laughland) became pastor of the Wholeworld Church of God. In 2004, Raymond McNair, having been in GCG, CGCF, LCG, then went on his own and formed Church of God, 21st Century (COG21); later he died and that group disbanded. Don Haney, once in GCG/LCG, formed the Church of God In Peace and Truth, renamed Congregation of God in Peach and Truth--which looks to be legally inactive. In 2005, Ben Faulkner, who was in GCG/LCG, formed the Church of the Sovereign God (CotSG). In 2006, Charles Bryce who was in GCG/LCG left, and formed the Enduring Church of God (En COG). In 2010, several of the main leaders who went to UCG from CGCF left it and went to a group called COGWA. A couple of people, like Norman Edwards (Servants' News/Shepherd's Voice), left GCG well before the 1998 takeover (he has 'Nashville Christian Media'). On 12/15/11, a minister in good-standing with LCG anointed Bob Thiel with oil and prayed that God would grant him a double-portion of His Spirit (see also How To Determine If Someone is a True Prophet of God): and things have not been the same since (Bob Thiel still, of course, supports the goals and biblical beliefs of Philadelphia era of the Church of God). Website links for most of those who were once part of GCG and that have websites can be found at the COGlinks page. In 2012, certain heresies were officially introduced, accepted, and/or promoted by LCG. After concluding that insufficient value was placed on the truth (and keeing their word) by certain leaders of LCG and that they no longer held to biblical church governance and could not as is be used to lead the final phase of the work (see also Why Bob Thiel Left the Living Church of God), on 12/28/12 Bob Thiel was led to form, and then announced, the beginning of the Continuing Church of God (CCOG). In 2013, Rod Reynolds left LCG and formed COG Messenger In August 2020, Sheldon Monson left LCG and was 'marked' by LCG on 8/19/20, and then on 9/05/20 he announced Church of God Assembly (CGA). In 2023, Terry Nelson (former GCG/LCG/CCOG) co-formed Hope of Israel Worldwide Church of God. The Continuing Church of God (CCOG) is the second largest group, in terms of members, of those groups whose leaders were once part of GCG (LCG is largest). This page reports on those groups that somehow once had ties to the old GCG.

05/18/24 p.m. Former RCG employee Marc Cebrian continues to listen to many RCG sermons. Here are some of Marc's comments along with an excerpt from one from RCG's David Pack's sermons (in bold).

The only reliable thing about David C. Pack is that he is unreliable. Let the man speak for himself.

Part 512 – May 11, 2024
@ 00:11 Well, I didn’t keep my promise. I said I would be no more messages, but here we are.

The documented oath-breaker admits in his introductory words that nobody should believe anything he says. Iyar 1 failed to produce any of the hysteria he said would befall the world. His denial is so pure he did not mention Iyar 1 or the Kingdom no-show three days prior during Part 512.

So, we see David Pack is admitting that he broke his promise. He has been wrong about so much, hopefully all will see this.

05/16/24 p.m. A reader sent me an email with the following:

Eddie (Ed) Breaux passed away on the 13th of May after a two year long battle with cancer. He was 65 yrs. old I believe. He was responsible for the Mississippi and West Florida LCG congregations for the last 12 years or so and was well loved in the area for his gentle rapport and humble demeanor in leading the congregations. No information on a memorial service yet. 

I do not believe I ever knew Eddie (Ed) Breaux, but will pray for his family.

05/08/24 a.m. Former RCG employee Marc Cebrian continues to listen to many RCG sermons. Here are some excerpts from one from RCG's David Pack along with some by Marc's comments. David Pack's statements are the ones after the @ symbol and time listed:

As the calendar crept on, more clarifying had to naturally occur.

Part 509 – April 20, 2024
@ 00:12 I know you're wondering, “Well, Mr. Pack, how do we have time for another message?” Well, I’ll explain that. Fascinating. Fascinating message today.

After Abib 1 raised its hand and said, “Not it.” Passover followed suit, “Not it.”

Hey, Hebrew month of Iyar…we’re looking at you. ...

@ 14:40 Okay. Discomfort and great suspicion returned about something. And I want to explain it. Now, we’re right on track. We understand the year we’re in. We need seven years to get to 2031…

@ 33:33 The idea of Iyar 1, or we could say, “Are you sure it’s Iyar 1?”

@ 37:27 Based on what we know, it’s impossible, it’s impossible for the Father to come before Iyar 1. That’s May 8th. It’s impossible. Or you just you just train wrecked eternity. We could say thousands [chuckles] thousands of generation. You cannot have the Father here until Iyar 1. May 8th. Something just under, you know, eighteen days away. I could stop and say, “Wow in a way the this becoming easy, easy to grasp.”

Nobody should declare something easy and keep getting it wrong.

@ 46:56 Iyar 1’s a Wednesday. So, it fits perfectly. Forever.

@ 55:39 Apparently, He said you do it on Iyar 1. Not Abib 1. Iyar 1. What a shadow foreshadowing that is.

Two points:

  1. Yes, for Jesus to return in 2031, we would expect to see some prophetic fulfillment this year, but that would be related to the confirmation of the deal in Daniel 9:27, not what David Pack is referring to.
  2. While tonight after sunset will be Iyar 1, hence it begins the evening of May 8th, no God the Father is not coming this evening.

The RCG (Restored Church of God) has made many prophetic and other doctrinal errors as have been reported on the COGwriter GCG News page for over a decade. The non-arrival of God the Father today wis just another error to be added to the list. I continue to pray that those in RCG will see and respond to the truth.

04/29/24 p.m. I have seen reports suggesting that there has been a split in Hope of Israel and that some in Kenya and Tanzania and Burundi are now with 'Light on the Rock,' with apparently those in Malawi are probably still part of the Hope of Israel. But that is not the case. Randy Freeze told me that the two are basically together.

Hope of Israel and Light on the Rock have been contacting leaders in CCOG hoping they will go with them and/or work with them--but all I am aware of in the past six months (other than one who left CCOG a about a year ago) have turned them down.

04/23/24 p.m. Evangelist Evans Ochieng just sent the following report:

Pastor Dr Bob,

Greetings from Kenya.
I'm happy to say that the Passover went very well in Kenya and the number that attended Passover this year was large. The Passover was done in many places in Kenya. some congregations joined other congregations eg Oriang, Aora Dak came to Ndhiwa. Achak, Giribe, kituka went to Got kachola, Motosiet went to Daktech. Other centers were chilani, kaplecho, Bomet, kisii, Ngaroni, meregi, Mao, Molo, Njoro, Migori, Nyakach. 
The people who took Passover in Kenya were 2958. This year we have the largest number of those who are baptized and were prepared for the Passover.
The number of this year is the largest number ever for the baptized members that attended Passover.
I also received the report from Kisii that 3 member's from Living Church of God joined CCOG in Kisii. 
I was talking with Molozwa this afternoon and he told me that the Passover was well attended in Malawi and Mozambique.
Waiting to hear from you.
Evans .

It is fantastic to have nearly 3,000 in the Continuing Church of God who kept Passover this year in Kenya.

04/23/24 a.m. Former RCG employee Marc Cebrian has listened to many RCG sermons. Here are some excerpts from two from RCG's David Pack followed by some of Marc's comments:

Part 500 – March 23, 2024
@ 1:47:01 You think you wanna be in this world? [chuckles] You know, we got people just too stupid to be a First Fruit—What? What? They leave. But I've watched it my whole life.

Part 506 – April 9, 2024
@ 1:33:08 Eight and a half years just seemed too unreasonable, too strange for the self-righteous among us who were just above this, and they left. Followed their own lusts. They left. And I I started all of this to tell you a few more might. And what we've done is not so strange or hard, and that people who've quit, you should not think that's strange because people have been walking away from the way of God since the Garden. ...

@ 1:35:57 The fact that I got a date or two right wrong or something, or some detail wrong, but saw a kingdom nobody else could see.

A date or two? That perfectly encapsulates the mentality of David C. Pack. Talk about lying to yourself.

The homepage of hosts a tally of 79 failed dates proclaimed by David C. Pack, and that is only as of Tammuz 1, 2022. If there were "only two," not including the day before Dave uttered that stupid comment, we could start where it all began on Elul 24 in 2013 and throw in Esther's Fast “Night Watch” in 2019.

RCG (Restored Church of God) has made many prophetic and other doctrinal errors as have been reported on the COGwriter GCG News page for over a decade.

04/06/24 p.m. Since we have many members who are scattered in the USA and Canada, the CCOG has appointed Steve Dupuie to assist with baptismal counseling. If you are in the USA or Canada and need baptismal and sometimes other counseling, etc., normally you should contact Steve Dupuie, who lives in Michigan, but he often travels.

His email address is:

04/05/24 a.m. Yesterday, Edith Bivens told me that her late sister Beverley had told her about a dream that she had where Aleksandar 'Sasah' Veljic walked passed people in the Continuing Church of God (CCOG) to go with another group (which Sasha essentially did in late February 2023). Details about Beverley's dream and other dreams are in the article: Dreams, the Bible, the Radio Church of God, and the Continuing Church of God.

That said, this looked like a good time to show all who are interested in the truth, why Sasha told me he was leaving the CCOG in early 2023.

On February 24, 2023, I wanted to Skype with Sasha to discuss additional radio opportunities to preach the gospel as part of the Continuing Church of God's Multimedia outreach to work towards the fulfillment of Matthew 24:14, 28:19-20; Romans 9:28, 11:25, etc.

Because of what he was doing at the time, Sasha did not want to speak over Skype, so instead we messaged. I decided that it might be helpful to keep a copy of the messaging so I did. Here is what happened and why Sasha told me he was leaving the CCOG:

February 24, 2023
Aleksandar, 9:05 AM
Sorry, I am in a public place, on return home, so I cannot speak

9:05 AM
Okay. Thanks.

Aleksandar, 9:06 AM
I didn`t make the tree shortwave programs for this week because I took my lap top to services because the noise was unbearable.  The fans needed cleaning or replacement.  So, I am still waiting for it to be repaired.

9:09 AM
Wanted to let  you know that I received a complaint that you wrote that your Hope of Israel Worldwide "is the best religious program out there," hence downgrading the Bible News Prophecy program.
This looks to be a Randy Freeze related project. Now, I do not have a problem with that--but suggest you be careful about what could be seen as downgrading CCOG efforts.
That said, I am open to multiple formats, platforms, etc. I also want to discuss other radio matters with you.
P.S. For the 'Hope of Israel' page, having "Similar Stations" on the bottom of the page that appear to be pagan and/or not COG does not look good.

Aleksandar, 9:16 AM
Sorry, someone just phoned me.  Yes, it was description that Randy put out there.  And it has nothing to do with me downgrading CCOG efforts. 

Also, Similar stations has nothing to do with me or Randy, and there are bunch of pagan stuff online.  There are also programs that are broadcast over Miami that are just pagan, but we still use it.

Anyway, I am very tired of someone always having complaints about me and making me guilty for what has nothing to do with me.  That has been going on since I became an elder and since I joined that electronic forum.

So, I am very happy to be downsizing any involvement in CCOG efforts.  So, I will not want to participate on CCOG radio.  Also, I have suspended Skype services because I have also had enough.  I directed my efforts for the sake of hoping to provide blessings for God`s people in general, and CCOG in particular.  Since there have always been CCOG members who don`t appreciate that, fine. 

9:21 AM

Aleksandar, 9:21 AM
Let them enjoy all the rest of you who give messages and write, it is OK with me.

9:22 AM
I am now confused.
All I wanted to do was to tell you that and to discuss what doors I now see open in radio.

Aleksandar, 9:22 AM
I thank you for your trust and always getting me involved in projects.  I appreciate it and consider myself to be your friend. 

9:23 AM
As far as complaints go, people complain about me pretty much daily. They also complained about Jesus and Paul.

Aleksandar, 9:23 AM
However, since there are enough of those who oppose constantly my efforts, that is fine.

9:24 AM
I do not see people constantly opposing your efforts.

Aleksandar, 9:24 AM
So, I am happy for the doors you see and wish you all the best with those.  I am happy to let you go through those doors with all might.

Nowhere during our Skyping did Sasha tell me that he had been conspiring with the Hope of Israel or that he was planning to go there and lead that group. But that is what I later found out he basically did immediately after our Skyping session.

The Bible warns:

11 And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, 12 for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, 13 till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ; 14 that we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting, 15 but, speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head — Christ — 16 from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love. (Ephesians 4:11-16)

Though many do not see that as a warning, it is.

Seemingly after departing the CCOG (either before or after he told me he was leaving), Sasha was tricked into believing that some powerful witch doctor had been hired by Evans Ochieng of Kenya and Radson Mulozowa of Malawi to put a curse on me so that I would not be able to see the truth about what they were doing.

Scripturally, for me being affected by a witch doctor I never met or by a curse that I never heard (hence no psychological reason either), is impossible (for biblical details that prove that, please see the article: Can Christians Actually be Cursed By Witches or Witch Doctors?).

Yet, that was a doctrine that Sasha not only ended up accepting and teaching, he later wrote that was the final factor in getting him to leave the CCOG.

However, as our Skype transcript shows, that was not the reason he gave. And actually, he never mentioned anything about witch doctors to me before he left nor any time in our last Skyping session.

That said, Sasha had brought up African matters to me from time to time, but mainly that he resented the CCOG paying for building materials so that the Africans could have a place to meet. But, all the CCOG provided were building materials, whereas the Africans supplied the land and the labor as they built the meeting halls. Sasha seemed to resent that some of the Africans had land and farms, without fully realizing that many did not and many were very poor.

Anyway, within a few weeks after he left the CCOG Sasha, got quite bitter. Despite him calling me a friend on February 24, 2023, he put out a long and bitter letter with different reasons for leaving the CCOG than he told me. Let me add that he never sent that letter to me, but others eventually forwarded his 'resignation letter' to me. That letter revealed that he was also bitter against a woman who had financed much of the 2018 Feast of Tabernacle's site in Novi Sad Serbia as well as his bitterness against a man who had been part of the CCOG that had died a couple of years before.

Sasha was also deceived to report early in 2023 that the CCOG lost all of our congregations in more than one African country, as that never happened. While we did lose a few congregations (most of which have come back to the CCOG) in early 2023, we never lost all in any African country. Instead, overall, we gained congregations in Africa in 2023 as we had many more congregants in Africa at the end of 2023 than we had at the beginning of 2023. Various reports from Sasha that we were losing thousands in Malawi in the Fall of 2023 did not happen.

The root of bitterness Sasha had seemed to grow as he took exception to something I wrote in the CCOG Letter to the Brethren: November 23, 2023. Here is what Sasha wrote related mainly to that letter:

For weeks the readers of Bob Thiel’s „Letter to the Brethren“, which should be better called „Lies to the Brethren“, have read various manipulative lies.  … Included in “African growth” was a report that CCOG Malawian pastor Radson Mulozowa was ill, but he got well and he visited Mozambique. …

And even though such lies about Africa come from Thiel’s co-workers in Africa, messaged to him by the man who holds the title of an evagelist, those are still lies that Bob Thiel shares with the CCOG membership around the world, thus taking part in such deceptions.

The factual situation is that Radson Mulozowa is indicted for various crimes by the Malawian government which currently cannot imprison him due to his grave health conditions.

The Malawian government sources inform us that Mulozowa is a skeleton as(s) is eating him away.  It is interesting to note the three ailments Mulozowa has been diagnosed with so far.  Those are: tuberculoses, HIV (AIDS) and some kind of intestinal disease which causes his intestines to come out.  Is such a sick person capable of traveling anywhere, let alone to a foreign country (Mozambique)?  Radson Mulozowa is actually dying we learn from the Malawian government sources, but Bob Thiel has presented him as alive and kicking, and traveling around to stregthen CCOG.

Despite the accusations, there were no lies from me. Frankly, I do not believe that Sasha actually checked out the facts on this, but was misled when he passed on tales others told him--AFTER LEAVING THE CCOG HE FELL FOR THE TRICKERY OF MEN. His report was wrong and outrageously accusatory. Radson was never formerly indicted for any crime (and I later learned that the place that supposedly tried to do something like that lacked jurisdictional authority). His only 'crime' seems to have been registering the CCOG in Malawi in the wrong office, twice--which of course, is not a crime.

In order to provide proof about Sasha's report being wrong to any with interest in the true facts, particularly related to health concerns, I then emailed Radson Mulozowa, shared with him Sasha’s writing, and asked him to address the health matters.

Radson responded to my email by suggesting that we do a WhatsApp video call for me to actually see how he is doing. So, I did.

When we spoke, I asked Radson about each of the three specific health matters that Aleksandar Veljic brought up.

Radson said that, yes, he had tuberculosis, but has been treated for it and is fine. I can confirm that his voice and breathing were fine, and that he did not cough once during our thirteen minute call as would be expected if he was dying from tuberculosis. Radson also said that he did not have HIV nor is he having any problems with his digestion nor are his intestines falling out.

Radson was outside when I called (hence he was not confined to bed as a dying man could be) and I saw him walking during much of the call. He does not look like a skeleton being eaten away by a deadly illness–he looks like he did when I saw him in person back in 2017, though he may have lost some weight during his tuberculosis battle.

Radson further said that we still have the vast bulk of our previous membership in Malawi, despite what some others want to believe (we also are experiencing growth in Malawi which I plan to report on after Evan Ochieng’s upcoming trip there).

The fact is that Radson is not in bed hiding from being arrested. To the contrary, he is up and about. To see that with your own eyes, below is a short video clip he sent me on Tuesday December 12, 2023, showing him speaking at services in Malawi on the Sabbath, December 9, 2024:


Radson Mulozowa speaking in Malawi

This is a message in the Chichewa language from CCOG Pastor Radson Mulozowa given on the Sabbath of December 9, 2023 in Malawi.

Here is a link to Radson speaking on the Sabbath: Radson Mulozowa speaking in Malawi.

The factual situation is that Radson Mulozowa clearly is NOT gravely bedridden. He said he is NOT awaiting arrest--and several months later he still has never been arrested. Despite many writings from Sasha that Radson was about to be arrrested, that simply never happened. Radson says he is healthy and has been for some time.

Sadly, some have decided to pass on and/or believe many lies about Radson Mulozowa and others in the CCOG.

Radson has been to Mozambique many times, including going recently.

While all people, including myself and Radson Mulozowa are flawed, unless something has dramatically changed since he and I emailed each other yesterday, the truth is that Radson Mulozowa is not bedridden, gravely ill, and as he said, he is not dying from some known and diagnosed illness.

Do not be one who who listens to talebearers instead of believing the facts.

Sadly, I believe that Sasha was tricked and misled (and he may have wondered about that). That is why I reported that he was troubled before his death on March 20, 2024 and referred to Acts 9:5.

So, anyway, hopefully others that have been tricked or otherwise misled will realize that as well.

04/02/24 a.m. Former RCG employee Marc Cebrian has listened to many RCG sermons. Here are some reports about RCG's David Pack pointing towards and away from Vladimit Putin as the sixth king:

During “The Greatest Untold Story! (Part 453)” on June 17, 2023, Pastor General David Crowl Pack of The Restored Church of God, located in Wadsworth, Ohio, USA, identified Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin as the prophesied Sixth King of Revelation 17.

@ 41:57 So then, who is the Sixth King? Are we looking for him, or currently are we now staring at him? Three weeks ago, I identified him, and the men around me know that I did. I said, It’s gotta be this man. But I thought, No, it can’t be that man because that man has got to be someone inside the Kingdom. ...

@ 1:03:02 We might ask, Would we expect that the Sixth King would be a Mede? He would be a Russian.

@ 1:03:20 Vladimir Putin is known to admire the great Russian Czars. I’ve read a lot about this man.

@ 1:03:44 Here’s what his first name means: “to rule with greatness” or “peaceful ruler” and “ruler of the world.” ...

@ 1:22:05 “Putin Projects Defiance At Economic Forum.” He’s almost the front page every day of the Wall Street Journal. ...

@ 1:24:44 Somebody thinks it’s some who thinks it’s somebody else. All right. Who else? And what alternative is there? I know it’s him. Everything lines up.

@ 1:25:45 I didn’t just come to this. I finally came to grips with it. That there’s not time for anyone else. The Sixth King now IS. And nobody else has ever known it. We have to know it.

@ 1:30:12 So, this is all faith-building. If your faith didn’t grow as a result of hearing this sermon, then there's something wrong. ...

@ 1:30:36 You’re seeing prophecy fulfilled.

@ 1:31:00 It’s no longer just “Mr. Pack just telling us what will happen.” It’s happened. He’s here now. It’s impossible that it’s anybody else.

@ 1:31:26 I’ve been studying Vladimir Putin since he worked for the KGB. He speaks fluent German and worked in East Germany. I understand the man.

Part 454 – June 17, 2023

@ 09:05 Now, let’s think of one other reason why it’s easy to know it’s Putin. ...

@ 12:59 Why did we only identify the Sixth King now?

@ 1:15:19 So, the Series is over. Simplicity truly reigns. ...

@ 1:23:45 You’re convicted about the Sixth King. That’s what you could look at your own convictions. Who else could it be?And, you know, it’s in some ways it’s an easy thing. It's here, and so I would imagine everybody is convicted about it. I’ll be shocked if people aren’t. accessed 04/01/24

Then notice:

Part 461 – July 29, 2023

@ 1:35:00 I’ma throw another thought at you, and I’m gonna be very discrete in how I handle it. I do not believe Vladimir Putin is the Sixth King. That’s all I’m gonna say…

Part 483 – December 2, 2023

@ 1:39:20 And that’s it. If it's not Putin, well, then I wouldn't know who it is. …he's somebody out there, and there's one guy that fits the bill. He’s even real short.

Part 499 – March 21, 2024

@ 10:20 It’s impossible that the Sixth King is anybody today. Remember, we’re making things plain. We’re removing the Mystery. Preparing the way for God. It’s impossible. accessed 04/01/24

Russia's Vladimir Putin was not the sixth king, but it is not impossible to know the identity of the sixth king.

The identity of the sixth king is something I have been working on and have consulted with COG leaders in and out of the CCOG on this in 2024 and plan to report more on that later.

03/21/24 p.m. Just received the following email:

We just received a notification from Steven Sookal that Sasha died yesterday.

Thank you all for the prayers you prayed for him.


He reportedly had two strokes this year and then went in and out of a coma. Aleksandar 'Sasha' Veljic seemingly was the first person from a Communist country (when it was then called to Yugoslavia) to attend Ambassador College in the 1990s. He was mentioned in the March 1, 1994 edition of old Worldwide News for being part of an Ambassador Foundation project in Ukraine. After leaving WCG, Sasha was once part of UCG, then COG aic, then independent, then CCOG, and then left to become the leader of 'Hope of Israel.' 

03/18/24 a.m. Yesterday, another RCG (Restored Church of God)  minister resigned. His name is Christophe Binette and he lives in France. His resignation letter began with the following:

March 17, 2024

Dear Mr. David C. Pack,

The purpose of this letter is to tell you and all my brethren around the world that I love you. 

Mr. Pack, you were my “father in the Gospel” for many years. Above all is my love for the truth. My responsibility as a minister of Jesus Christ and a shepherd is to protect the sheep of my pastorate. When I joined The Restored Church of God, I was asked to prove all things. That is all our personal responsibility. We cannot accept any compromises when it comes to the truth.

After reading your biography, I realized I had a responsibility to “guard the spiritual well-being of the brethren” in my pastorate.

The Authorized Biography of David C. Pack, Volume One, p625
“Through the early part of 1992, Mr. Pack developed a deeper crisis of conscience. Beyond personal anger, he knew his greater responsibility was to guard the spiritual well-being of the brethren in his congregation.”

Since becoming a minister in RCG, I have also developed a “deeper crisis of conscience.”

In response to that resignation, RCG's F. Jaco Viljoen wrote the following:

Dear brethren,

We recently learned that Christophe Binette removed himself from the Body of Christ due to doctrinal disagreement. ... he still considers himself a minister of Jesus Christ, which is impossible if he is not a member of God’s Church and under an apostle.

God continues revealing vital truths to His Church, and the “god of this world” (II Cor. 4:4) is not pleased. Remember that the next few weeks are a time of self-examination and assessing your spiritual progress as we near the Passover. Remain sober and vigilant (I Pet. 5:8) and focused on the coming Kingdom we have recently learned even more about.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your minister, who will be happy to assist. You may also want to review the article “When Ministers Disappear...” (

F. Jaco Viljoen
Associate Director of Church Administration
The Restored Church of God

No, leaving RCG is not leaving the "body of Christ." I personally have long doubted David Pack's conversion. Plus he has proven himself to be an inaccurate and false apostle.

That said, yes, God has revealed vital truths to the most faithful Philadelphian remnant of the Church of God, but that is not RCG. Here are links to some items which should prove that to those interested in the truth:

RCG: Why Not the Restored Church of God? This group, led by David Pack, claims to be the most faithful. The information in this article suggests otherwise. Here is a version in the Spanish language: ¿Por qué no la Iglesia de Dios Restaurada?

Continuing Church of God, Elijah, and Restoring All Things Have all things been restored? Is there restoration going on? Is there supposed to be a 21st century Elijah? Here is are links to two related sermons: 21st Century Elijah and CCOG: Restoring All Things. Here is a link to a related sermon in the Spanish language: La restauracion de todas las cosas.

On other matters, here is an update of Hope of Israel's Sasha Veljic:

The nurses removed Sasha's ventilator just before noon. [This seems to be on Sabbath.] His doctor, chief resident of neurology, ordered the nurses to give Sasha every medication that could help him to relax his throat, give up fluids, breathe, etc. He is very exhausted and sleeping with the aid of a full mask CPAC machine. His vital signs look good. 

Sasha is no longer on any sedation medication. The hospital discontinued his Fentanyl about 9:00am New York time.

Thank you for your prayers for Sasha.


03/15/24 p.m. Someone forwarded me the following related to the death of an elder in the Living Church of God:

One prayer update: Dr. Don Roach, long time Elder serving here in Southern California and Las Vegas, passed away yesterday, after an extended health trial. Please continue to pray for Mrs. Alice Roach and the entire family during this difficult time!

My wife and I knew the Roaches. He and I also did a lot of the speaking at the Feast of Tabernacles in Barbados in 2002 as a deacon there died who was supposed to have also spoke. Anyway, my prayers are with Mrs. Roach and her daughters.

03/14/24 a.m. I just saw the following in an email related to Sasha Veljic, leader of 'Hope of Israel':

At 8:28 pm CT {3/13/24} a brief update was sent to me on Sasha’s condition. I am sad to share it was reported to me that Sasha is in a coma. He has a feeding tube and a breathing tube. I was told the doctors want to remove Sasha’s feeding tube and his breathing tube. 

Thank you for your prayers for Sasha. 


While I did learn Sasha was in a coma earlier today, I did not realize he was also on a feeding tube or breathing tube when I reported about him earlier today in the CCOG Letter to the Brethren: March 14, 2024. He remains in my prayers.

03/05/14 a.m. Due to recontruction being done at the Continuing Church of God office in Grover Beach because of last month's tornado, the CCOG office telephone will not work again for a while. Email, however, still works and can be used.

03/03/24 a.m. Former RCG (Restored Church of God) employee Marc Cebrian posted the following (the @ symobols showing the time in the message from David Pack personally):

Flashback Part 422 – February 18, 2023

@ 35:33 I’m not a hypocrite. I can’t stand up here and undo what I said in the last message.

By his own mouth, he has said it. That summarizes what he has been doing for the past eight years.

During “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 494)” on February 24, 2024, David C. Pack sat up there and undid what he said in the last message.

The Kingdom of God structure of 4-100-1000 is now 7-100-1000.

69 Weeks of Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy have already occurred.

The last prophetic 7-Year Week will begin on Abib 1, 2024. ...

@ 33:49 I hope I'm going slow enough, being careful enough that this can’t be misunderstood. ...

@ 57:40 Now, we must accept 483 years to Christ's becoming the Messiah on faith in God's word, believing one week remains. And, as I said, seven years really is an eon… Making 69 weeks Christ's death, not His arrival, breaks the math and only leaves three years. ...

@ 1:04:26 We should expect an exact seven years from Jerusalem sundown on Abib 1. The other seven years, 69 times, were exactly seven years…

@ 1:04:46 So, when you get to the last seven years, you should expect an exact moment. And that's why I tell you I think I finally understand why. If the Goodman of the House had known in what hour and what watch the thief would come, he would've watched, and he woulda told his house. So, the only thing I can tell you is exactly seven years, Jerusalem sundown on April 8th is what we’re waiting for. …I'm sorry, it's another, you know, 43 and a half days away.

@ 02:09 I don’t know if I’ve ever been as excited to give a message as I am on this one. This is the game changer. And again, it’s something we’ve been coming to for a long time. ...

No, what David Pack looks to believe is the remaining prophetic week will not begin on April 8th. While we in the CCOG see a prophetic week countdown beginning once a deal in the Middle East (Daniel 9:27) is confirmed by a 'prince' (Daniel 9:26; see also The 'Peace Deal' of Daniel 9:27), we have no reason to believe that can occur in April 2024. Therefore, David Pack will once again be proven wrong.

It is sad that RCG still has people who believe David Pack. This will be a "game-changer" if those still supporting RCG wakeup to the truth.

Which is?

David Pack is not God's apostle.

As I have written here for years, I also doubt his conversion as he has shown himself to be a greedy bully and a false teacher..

02/29/24 a.m. More on LCG and the falling away can be found in the following COGwriter Church of God News post from late yesterday: Gerald Weston pushes LCG’s position on the ‘Falling Away’ closer to the biblical, COGwriter, position.

02/27/24 p.m. Someone tipped me off to an article in the January-February edition of the Living Church News by LCG's Presiding Evangelist Gerald Weston on the falling away. Here is some of what he wrote:

What was the Apostle Paul telling us when he said the coming of Christ would not happen until “the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed” (2 Thessalonians 2:3)? Several ideas have floated about in recent years. Some Church of God groups, and many brethren throughout, see the apostasy in the Worldwide Church of God as fulfilling in full the “falling away” part of the prophecy. More recently, the Living Church of God has taught that it refers to a broad rebellion against God at the end of the age. But, while the rebellion against God in our world is indeed broad, is that interpretation the accurate one? For context, here is the relevant passage:

Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day [the return of Christ] will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God (2 Thessalonians 2:3–4).

There is no doubt that what occurred in the Worldwide Church of God was an apostasy from truth. And, truly, those who fell away in that organization “did not receive the love of the truth” (v. 10). But was that what Paul was describing? Or was he referring to something larger? ...

But when Jude urged the people to get back to the faith once delivered, he was referring to the faith of Christ, His apostles, and early first-century Christianity (Jude 3–4). That kind of Christianity has very little resemblance to trinitarian “Christianity,” no matter the century. Did people have more respect for the Bible in times past? Without a doubt. But, as we know, most of those people were not true Christians. ...

When Paul wrote that the mystery of lawlessness was already at work, he pointed to the origin of the falling away—and to the source from which the man of sin would arise. That falling away began early, ...

While the great rebellion and apostasy set in as far back as the first century AD, there is also a latter-day fulfillment that is yet ahead. It is clear that the prophesied man of sin will not appear until shortly before Christ’s return. This final head of a satanic system, one that has made the world drunk with the wine of its fornication, will take to a new level the claim of divine status. When we read of how he will perform signs, wonders, and deceptive miracles, this is not hard to understand. The world will worship this man. ...

We must not confuse the prophesied falling away from truth with mankind’s prophesied coming to the fullness of iniquity—the time when God will intervene powerfully to stop our madness. Both are important, but they are not the same. When Paul wrote of the “falling away,” he wrote prophetically of the apostasy that false Christianity represents. 

Gerald Weston is correct on that last point. Yet, officially in 2012, there was a must-play sermon from Dr. Douglas Winnail where he basically confused "the prophesied falling away from truth with mankind’s prophesied coming to the fullness of iniquity." It is good that Gerald Weston has essentially tried to correct that.

As far as the man of sin goes, LCG still needs to realize that it is the first beast of Revelation 13:1-10 and not the second beast (Revelation 13:13-17) . The second beast is the one who gets the first beast worshiped--that first beast is the man of sin(see also Who is the Man of Sin of 2 Thessalonians 2?).

As far as what Dr. Winnail taught would happen with his change, he asserted in an official 'must play' sermon:

Falling Away - Implications
Clarifying this issue and powerfully delivering this prophetic warning about a universal falling away from the fundamentals of biblical Christianity, led by a Beast, a Man of Sin and Miracles will clearly set the Living Church of God apart from false prophets and false apostles who preach the falling away has already occurred in WCG...

This is why a correct understanding of the Falling Away is important!

* Enable LCG to deliver a powerful warning about a major prophetic end time event that is coming in the years just ahead!

* Will set LCG apart from false teachers who are saying this event has already occurred.
(Winnail D. The Falling Away. Must-Play DVD DVE704, June 1, 2012)

And, no, nearly 12 years later that powerful warning, etc., did not happen--Dr. Winnail's falling away position that LCG officially adopted back then was not successful as he was wrong about that. It was when he taught this and related matters and LCG would not change on that which caused me to start to separate myself from LCG. When he was teaching that his doctrinal error was setting LCG apart and defining that church, that was not acceptable--despite my efforts to explain and document why Dr. Winnail's position was in error to LCG's then leadership.

Anyway, eleven plus years after I left, it is good that LCG's top leader has basically written I was right about this.

That said, more on the falling away can be found in the article: The Falling Away: The Bible and WCG Teachings.

02/20/24 a.m. Received another report about someone pretending to be me (Bob Thiel) on Facebook today.

As reported before, I received several messages from contacts on Facebook who suspected that friend requests that they received which supposedly came from me in December 2023.

While I normally receive Facebook friend requests multiple times per week, I have not sent out any Facebook friend requests myself to anyone for over a decade. Generally speaking, I try to avoid Facebook, and only try to be to it the minimum time possible-which I sometimes need to do for some church matters.

Well, now someone is pretending to be me again on Facebook and is associated with an orphanage ministry in Kenya.

When I learned this connection on today, I sent the orphanage ministry the following message on its contact form:

Someone is sending out fake Facebook posts supposedly from me, Bob Thiel, with a link to your ministry. If you are doing this, please cease and desist. If it is not you, but you know of someone doing this, please tell them to stop bearing false witness.

Although we in the CCOG do support numerous orphans (consistent with James 1:27), this Facebook push to the one promoted was not from me. Now, one easy way anyone can prove that this is not me is if one clicks on the link in the post, one ends up at the page of that orphanage ministry, which has numerous crosses.

Since I and those truly in the Churches of God do not use crosses as a religious symbol (see What is the Origin of the Cross as a Claimed 'Christian' Symbol? ), that will show anyone with that knowledge that this was not me.

As many of you are aware, we have warned about the emergence of deepfakes for some time now. Back in 2021, the Continuing Church of God (CCOG) even put out a related video on our Bible News Prophecy YouTube channel: Lies and Deepfakes.

Last March, I was presented with what I considered to be a “deepfake” computer-conversation related to another CCOG leader (Evans Ochieng) that I was able to determine could not have happened as it was presented to myself and others. Sadly, however, some preferred to believe that lie.

The Bible warns against:

15 … idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie. (Revelation 22:15)

Jesus once said to some near Him:

44 You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.  (John 8:44-45)

Whoever is pretending to be me has the devil as his/her father.

Many use a variety of techniques to try to deceive.

The Apostle Paul warned:

1 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: … 13 … evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. (2 Timothy 3:1,13)

Yes, the emergence of various fakes is a sign of the last days.

It is sad that some wish to try to deceive others that way and other ways.

The Apostle Paul also warned end-time Christians, “not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, … Let no one deceive you by any means” (2 Thessalonians 2:2,3).

That includes trying not to be deceived by “deepfakes and phony computer requests.”

Yes brethren, I believe that deepfakes will get worse consistent with the prophecies in 2 Timothy 3:13 and 2 Thessalonians 2.

Be on guard.

02/16/24 a.m. In its newsletter today, CEG had the following:

The European Army

National Interest wrote on February 10:

“The idea of a joint European army has long been tossed around in the Continent’s power centers. This would be a separate organization from NATO and answer to the European Union…. A major obstacle is the very nature of the European Union.

“With 27 member states and about 450 million people, the European Union is a modern-day tower of Babel. There are a lot of interests, ideas, and beliefs, and they clash almost daily. Reaching a consensus for a major political decision to create a common military force doesn’t seem likely anytime soon—even after a major geopolitical event such as the invasion of Ukraine by Russia…. Another major hindrance… has to do with command and control.”

This is why a core Europe of 10 nations or groups of nations will develop which will give their power and authority to a totalitarian leader.

Yes, Europe is a type of the tower of Babel. Yes, the Bible shows that Europe will end up with a "great army" (Daniel 11:25).

And yes, the Bible shows that 10 kings who do not yet have a kingdom (these are not simply ten currently existing nations), will give power to a totalitarian leader:

12 “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. 13 These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast.  (Revelation 17:12-13, NKJV throughout unless otherwise specified)

These ten kings have no kingdom, but are to attain one.

And this will happen in Europe.

More on Revelation 17:12-13 can be found in the article: Must the Ten Kings of Revelation 17:12 Rule over Ten Currently Existing Nations?

02/08/24 a.m. Many of you probably heard about the torrential rains in California. One news report suggested about 8 trillion gallons of rain fell on California. In our area, we were without electricity for about ten hours on Sunday. Beyond that, we were basically fine until yesterday afternoon when a very windy storm, which may have included a tornado, hit:

Tomorrow, @NWSLosAngeles is planning to survey possible tornado damage in Grover Beach, CA near San Luis Obispo. The threat of more gusty winds and heavy rain for SoCal continues into the overnight hours. #cawx

WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) February 8, 2024
A suspected tornado wreaked havoc in Grover Beach on Wednesday afternoon, with trees topple, power lines knocked down, and awnings and shingles torn from buildings. ... The storm hit businesses and homes on Grand and Ramona Avenues as it moved through Grover Beach. ... At 7:20 p.m., more than 2,000 PG&E customers remain in the dark.

Much of the roof of our building at 1036 W. Grand Avenue in Grover Beach was blown off. A lot of rain came in and there was a lot of water on the ground throughout the entire building when I left last evening. Prior to leaving, a roofing firm came to try to prevent more rain from entering the building. Today, I plan to try to figure out how to remove the water and how to best function after this. It was difficult to make a full assessment with the power out, etc. when I left yesterday. We had to shut off all possible power as a safety precaution as rain was filling up the light fixtures in the ceiling. Today, we will see if there is power to the building and if it is safe to turn the lights back on.

That said, as I have written before, weather changes should serve as a type of 'wake-up call' as they help show us that our personal, local, national, and even international circumstances can change quickly (see also Weather Blessings and Sorrows). But also, that we always need to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33).

01/26/24 p.m. Here are some excerpts from a Restored Church of God departure-related letter purportedly from Steve Bell in England:

We have been given failed prophecy time and time again by Mr. David C. Pack. From March 2022 to today, we have been given 78 false dates for the return of Christ/God's Kingdom, and each one of those dates has come and gone without consequence.

I don't know how many more dates were given before then, but I know there were many.

Deuteronomy 18:21-22

And if you say in your heart, How shall we know the word which the Lord has not spoken? When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken, but the prophet has spoken it presumptuously: you shall not be afraid of him.

The word “afraid” in the Hebrew means “to sojourn or abide with.”

2 Peter 1:20

Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the Scripture is of any private interpretation.

“Private interpretation” in the Greek means “one's own solution or explanation.” And yet, the men at Headquarters sit behind closed doors and privately interpret them, and they fail. God's prophecies NEVER fail. ...

We have all been betrayed and lied to. You should not abide with that false prophet any longer.

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that my family and I are leaving the organization of The Restored Church of God. I know that you will be told we have left “the Church” or “the Truth.” We are not leaving the Church or the Truth. We are leaving an organization where lies and wickedness abound.

Yes, David Pack is a false teacher, false prophet, and false apostle.

In time, hopefully all who were part of RCG will realize that.

01/13/24 a.m. Tom Turner who handled legal and insurance matters for LCG died last night of cancer-related complications.

I knew Tom Turner and we worked together on some issues years ago when I was part of LCG. He was unmarried and relatively young.

On other LCG matters, it is my understanding that the funeral for Gaylyn Bonjour is scheduled for Monday.

01/10/24 a.m. LCG minister Gaylyn Bonjour was found dead this morning, apparently of natural causes.

I first met him in 1986. He and I have long been friends since we first met in the Fresno, California congregation. Though he moved to Charlotte, NC 15 or more years ago, he often said that he still considered himself a California boy. I last spoke to him a few weeks ago.

Gaylyn Bonjour was a kind, loving, and giving man and will be missed.

01/05/24 a.m. Former RCG (Restored Church of God) employee Marc Cebrian posted the following:

During “The Greatest Untold Story! (Part 488)” on December 30, 2023, David C. Pack manipulates, distorts, obfuscates, lies, and blasphemes to serve the purpose of proving that Jesus Christ will return at sunset on April 13 [Abib 15], 2025. “That day” is the Day of the Lord, which begins the 7-Year Kingdom of God.

During Part 488, he teaches that Jesus Christ will return and take the Passover symbols on Abib 15, and for Him to do otherwise would be a terrible, unlawful example.

Despite RCG’s literature explaining the Passover symbols are to be taken on the fourteenth, despite the Spring Holy Day schedule on listing that Passover is observed after sunset at the very beginning of the fourteenth, David C. Pack shouts and vigorously points out that the Passover and the Second Passover both take place on the fifteenth of the month.

David Pack will be again proven wrong about the date of the start of the Kingdom of God as that cannot happen for at least seven years from now. Watch also: Tribulation in 2024?

And no, Passover is not on the 15th. Here is a link to an rticle with historical and scriptural proof: TPM: Passover on the 14th or 15th?

01/01/24 a.m. In their latest respective updates, the CCOG and LCG reported about youth camps held in December.

LCG reported:

Living Youth Program

Reports are returning from the Living Youth Program Camps around the world. Dr. Scott Winnail reports that 154 young people plus staff are enjoying the Teen Camp in Kendu Bay, Western Kenya. Campers participated in activities such as a relay race, tug-o-war, and a cooking competition. Mr. Rees Ellis reports that 44 campers and staff traveled from four different countries to the Teen Camp in Porto-Novo, Benin. Activites include swimming instruction, Mölkky, and other activities. The spiritual focus has been the theme "Choose Life." Preteen and Teen Camps are also in session in South Africa and the Philippines. Mr. Joseph Gonzales reports that there are 32 campers in the Philippines, five of them from Malaysia, and it is the first formal camp most of them have attended.

CCOG reported:

Youth Camps, Mozambique, Malawi, and Kenya

Evangelist Evans Ochieng reported that 290 attended the youth camp in Migowi, Malawi last week with Sosten Libungwa. Here is a photograph of the group he sent:

Sosten Libugwa also reported that that camp went well.

Radson Mulozowa sent the following report related to Evans Ochieng’s trip as well as the other youth camp in Malawi:

Let me inform you that when pastor Evans visit Malawi he visited the following places
We met with brethren at sambandele house and the meeting was so good and after the meeting we went to hapuwani hotel inorder to sleep close to Mozambique
On Tuesday we went to Mozambique to meet the brethren and some chiefs who welcome us with joy.
On Wednesday we went to NJENJETE to meet the brethren
Thursday and Friday we had a wonderful meeting where by the youth we so happy and they have begged that next year we must do it for seven days. The youth who attended were 320 youth
The meeting ended well
On sabbath we went to chileka to keep sabbath and it was a wonderful day loaded with blessings ...
Thanks for the support to us that has make everything possible both Malawi and Mozambique
May bless God bless you
Best regards

Radson Mulozowa’s children were with the CCOG in our youth camp with their father. We are also looking to see how to better assist those with hunger in Malawi and Mozambique (cf. Galatians 2:10; James 2:14-16). ...

Youth camps were also held in Kenya. Pastor Tiongik Sawek sent the following:

Receive greetings in Jesus name. We had a wonderful youth camp and it ended successfully. The visitors are still leaving for their homes. The youth groups that were in Chilani learned a lot. I have received a report from North Rift headed by Elder Cheruiyot that they did their meeting well. The brethren from Mau and Bomet did their youth camp well also. These meetings have led to growth of youths in our churches and those that are already in the church are learning a lot. We are grateful to Evangelist Ochieng for arranging the meetings together although he was in Malawi. We also thank the Continuing Church of God for the cooperation and also for allowing the youths camps to be successful. It will be good enough if the new Church is built at Chilani and this will allow them to do the meeting. We will therefore use the old church as rooms that they will stay in the meeting. I will attach the photos of the same. God bless you.

Pastor Sawek.

We also had a youth camp in Got Kachola, Kenya. Evngelist Evans Ochieng sent the following:

Pastor Dr Bob,
Greetings from Kenya.

I attended the youth camp in Kenya at Got Kachola. I was very happy how youth camp was organized in the camp. Youths choose to be in uniform  that  promotes and identity continuing church of God. This is very important and we pray next year if all youths worldwide can have the uniforms in every youth camp

The youths were very happy and they flowered the camp highly. The youths attached many subjects including what’s ahead of our children.

So the youth camp was very well done and they were totally disciplined. It shows up the Best and improved Continuing Church of God. I saw some good work in YOUTH CAMP in Malawi and Mozambique. Same to Kenya. When it happens like this, will make church of God to continue even to the next generation. If children are not well taught, then the church will not have good future and growth. But if we continue teaching our youths the ways of God and His commandments then we shall have bright future of the church.

I’m very happy and continue to pray for our youths to learn more about the kingdom of GOD and the resurrection of the first fruits. May the Almighty God bless overseer and president of the church Dr Bob and brethren who are always supporting the YOUTH CAMP.

We are seeing good and perfect growth with in the church.


In the end time, we are to work to, “turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers” (Malachi 4:6). Youth camps are just one way to help do that.

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