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Here is a link to some COGwriter articles in Italian (translated by google). LCG 2007 Feast of Tabernacles' Information.

10/19/07 a.m. reported:

Internet Update: 73 Countries

Last month we had 82,262 visitors across our primary US websites.  This is an increase over the previous month and just shy of our record high which was set in July.  The list of countries where students have enrolled in the online version of the Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course continues to grow; Austria, Saint Helena, and Sweden are the most recent countries that we have added to this list.  We now have online BSC students in 73 different countries.

– J. Charles Ogwyn

Media Update: Record Response

The Tomorrow’s World telecast produced the highest response ever for our Festival-break period, covering the past five weeks (including pre-Feast and post-Feast).  In the past five weeks we received over 17,000 responses, for an average of 3,471 replies each weak.  Last year during the same five-week period we received 14,284 responses, or 2,857 per week.  This year’s Feast-period is 21 percent above last year’s Feast-period.

10/12/07 a.m.Here is the latest LCG commentary from Don Davis:

"Nearly one in five people living in the United States speaks a language at home other than English… The number of immigrants nationwide reached an all-time high of 37.5 million in 2006” says Associated Press writer Stephen Ohlemacher, reporting on new U.S. Census data. Click here to read more.

09/23/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. It mentions travels, various healings, media results, Branson choir practice, a dress code, world news items, and to rejoice at the Feast.

The Branson information has been added to the article titled LCG 2007 Feast of Tabernacles' Information.

Here is one of the world news items:

Britain Threatens to Block EU Constitution. In a move which will aggravate European leaders, Prime Minister Gordon Brown threatened to veto the current draft of the European (constitution) Treaty if Britain’s “red-line” or critical state issues are not protected. This potential veto hearkens back to the rejection of the first EU Constitution by the French and the Dutch in 2005. The EU meets in Lisbon in October to develop a final draft of the Treaty, which Brown is fearful may be modified to wrest more control of Britain’s affairs away from the nation. Brown’s threat to veto “in the national interest,” could go against the deal agreed to, in June, by his predecessor Tony Blair, further raising tensions between Britain and Europe (Daily Mail, September 4, 2007). The Bible indicates that Britain, among other Israelite nations, will be hated by the nations of a future European Beast power. “They shall not dwell in the Lord’s land, but Ephraim shall return to Egypt, and shall eat unclean things in Assyria” (Hosea 9:3. See also: Jeremiah 50:17; Hosea 7:11-12; 9:10-17). Mr. Brown’s threat could add further credence to our understanding of end-time Bible prophecy. 

We in LCG have long believed that Britain would pull out of the EU.

09/21/07 a.m. Here is the latest Living University (LU) update by Dr. Germano:

  1. The university records enrollments and reports them on our IPEDS census date each semester. This occurs at the 10% point of the semester. As of that date we exceeded our strategic long-range plan objective of 36 FTE (full-time equivalent students) with 45.4 FTE. We have 163 students (117 men and 46 women) from 18 nations.
  2. The IT department has been refining our e-learning software to make it as user-friendly as feasible. In any undertaking of this magnitude there is a beta (shake down) period. We have experienced some challenges but have successfully navigated through them and the software is working smoothly.
  3. Our LU Catalog for 2008-2009 is at the printer. Our plan is to send a souvenir copy of this first catalog to each LCG household sometime after the Feast of Tabernacles.
  4. Students have enrolled for all six of our academic programs and we are now in the process of planning the fall 2008 and spring 2009 schedules of classes and recruiting and selecting faculty for courses.
  5. We are in process of preparing formal documents in regard to licensure and accreditation. Readers should take note that in the USA no new college or university ever opens as an bonafide accredited institution. New colleges and universities have to observe required waiting periods and often have to graduate their first class. At LU we have taken the necessary steps to meet the accreditation schedules and deadlines of the two U.S. government-recognized accreditation agencies to which we will make application. 

All in all there has been a successful launch of the University.

It certainly appears so. I believe that LU may play an important role to assist LCG supporting those who respond to the Gospel--as well as helping those that have done so.

09/18/07 a.m. Here is the latest LCG commentary from Davy Crockett:

It was a family gathering. Three generations from far and wide taking advantage of the Labor Day weekend to honor the patriarch of the family, who was to turn 88 years of age the next day. He was a man who had served his country with distinction; a young pilot in WWII and later in the Korean Conflict. When asked about his wartime experiences, the Colonel usually responded by quietly saying: “I don’t study war anymore.” Click here to read more.

09/14/07 a.m. Here is the latest LCG commentary from Wallace Smith:

I was reading the comics today (not as much fun as it was when I was a kid, to be sure, but still a pleasant diversion in the morning) and one of the comic strips caught my eye. Click here to read more.

09/09/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions public Bible lectures, the FOT, and dance and beach-wear guidelines.

The FOT site info has been added to the LCG 2007 Feast of Tabernacles' Information article

09/07/07 a.m. This morning, LCG announced the following commentary by Davy Crockett:

“What’s the use? Life is futile, nothing will turn out right." This really is a dumb and very sad idea. Many people have this approach to life and are overcome with a feeling of hopelessness and futility. And, this is not a new phenomenon. Click here to read more.

The site reported:

Internet Update: 70 Countries

Last month we had more than 81,000 visitors across our primary US websites.  So far this year, we have averaged 78,471 visitors each month to these websites.  The list of countries where students have enrolled in the online version of the Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course continues to grow; Bermuda is the most recent country that we have added to this list.  We now have online BSC students in 70 different countries.

– J. Charles Ogwyn 

Media Update: New Station

The Travel Channel in Atlanta brought in only four phone calls.  Last week the decision was made to replace the Travel Channel with TV station WATC-TV in Atlanta, which reaches one million households.  Thus, this next weekend will be the final airing for the Travel Channel and the first airing for WATC-TV.  Hats off to our local agency, Master Media, for negotiating a two-week cancellation, when the normal period is four weeks, and getting us on WATC-TV right away.

– Wayne Pyle 

Finance Update: Income Steady

As of Aug 31, 2007, year-to-date daily income was 7.1% above the same period in 2006. When you include all income and special offerings, income is 8.77% above the same period in 2006. We are not only above budgeted income, we are also slightly below budgeted expenses for the year.

– D. Jerry Ruddlesden

09/04/07 a.m. This morning, LCG announced the following commentary by Don Davis:

In its early days, the religion of Islam was spread by the sword as it expanded across the Middle East, northern Africa, and into Spain. By 1683, a Muslim army had almost reached the gates of Vienna before it was driven back. Click here to read more.

An article of related interest may include The Bible and the Arab World In History and Prophecy The Bible discusses the origins of the Arab world and discusses the Middle East in prophecy. What is ahead for the Middle East and those who follow Islam?

09/02/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from D. Winnail. In it, he mentions the telecast, the Richland Regional Conference, a Canadian update, a Mauritius update, two FOT updates (Branson and Bushkill), world news items, and the importance of prayer.

The FOT information is also in the article LCG 2007 Feast of Tabernacles' Information.

Here is one of the world news items:

Islam: An Increasing Threat to Europe.  According to the Pope’s closest advisor, Private Secretary Monsignor Georg Ganswein, “Attempts to ‘Islamise’ Europe are threatening the Christian character of the continent… The danger for the identity of Europe that is connected with it should not be ignored out of a wrongly understood respectfulness” (The Times, July 27, 2007). In his comments, Ganswein also defended a previous speech by the Pope that linked the Islamic religion with violence—stating that his comments were an attempt to counter the naïveté that tolerance for Islam is the best course of action (Ibid). Pope Benedict XVI previously commented that Islam is incapable of reform and is incompatible with democracy (, January 24, 2006). In retaliation, a Muslim extremist in London called for the Pope’s execution (, September 18, 2006). It will be important to watch the future impact of the Pope’s and the Vatican’s influence on Europe. Bible prophecy warns of a future major conflict between the European Beast power or King of the North and the Islam-dominated King of the South (see Daniel 11). This future conflict will likely involve the incompatibility of Islam with the more democratic structure of Europe and the core conflict between Islam and Christianity. Geopolitical forces appear headed for an inevitable and prophetic clash of civilizations. 

Three articles of related interest may include:

Europa, the Beast, and Revelation Where did Europe get its name? What might Europe have to do with the Book of Revelation? What about "the Beast"?
Is There A Future King of the South? Some no longer believe there needs to be. Might Egypt, Islam, Iran, Arabs, or Ethiopia be involved? What does the Bible say?
The Bible and the Arab World In History and Prophecy The Bible discusses the origins of the Arab world and discusses the Middle East in prophecy. What is ahead for the Middle East and those who follow Islam? announced:

Internet Update

The online version of the Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course now has over 2000 students enrolled in 69 different countries.  In the last two weeks we have added 5 countries (Grenada, Belize, Croatia, Indonesia, and Sudan) to our list of countries with students enrolled in the online BSC.

Last week I was in San Jose California to attend an Internet marketing conference.  While there I had the opportunity to listen to and talk with key people from major search engines as well as other industry experts.  During the four day conference, much information was gathered that will help us use the Internet with greater effectiveness. – J. Charles Ogwyn

Media Update

This was another exceptional week.  We re-aired program #279, “Signs of the Second Coming,” which offered Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ’s Return!  The first airing of this program was back in October of 2006, produced 3,227 replies.  The Fall-Winter seasons tend to garner the highest viewing audiences, because colder and wetter (as in snow and ice) weather tend to keep viewers in front of their TV sets at home, whereas during the summer months more people are out and about.  Regardless, this week’s response has surpassed last October’s!  Based on the response received thus far, we expect the final response count to come in at 3,262.– Wayne Pyle

Beginning with the September-October 2007 issue, we are using new “cover wraps” when it is time for Tomorrow’s World readers to renew their subscriptions. The cover wraps also promote the Bible Study Course.  Subscribers will receive cover wraps on their next-to-last as well as their final issue of the magazine, affording them ample time to renew without missing a single issue.  Sending a subscriber two issues with cover wraps will cost less than it previously cost us to send a single renewal letter, and should also yield a higher renewal rate.

08/28/07 p.m. Today, LCG announced its newest online commentary:

This dumb idea was a very popular campaign slogan a few years ago, and it is a commonly held belief today. In our consumer-based economic system, which runs on credit or borrowed money, the general state of the economy is important for the well-being of its citizens. Click here to read more.

08/26/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from D. Winnail. In it, he mentions more on world weather events, Carl Ponder's funeral, Living University, UK updates, Hurricane Dean updates, Florida updates, FOT updates. world news events, and the value of hope.

The FOT updates are mainly related to Wisconsin Dells and have been added to the article on LCG 2007 Feast of Tabernacles' Information.

08/24/07 a.m. Here is the latest commentary from LCG's Don Davis:

On this mid-August morning, as I’m writing, I can look out my home-office window and see dead yellow leaves falling from the trees in the yard. That’s not supposed to happen in North Carolina until late September or October! Click here to read more.

08/19/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from D. Winnail. In it, he mentions the start of Living University, the telecast, a public Bible lecture, Regional Conference, a Cameroon update, Peru update, United Kingdom update, Feast of Tabernacles updates, world news items, and asks if you are positive or negative.

The Feast of Tabernacles updates have been added to the article LCG 2007 Feast of Tabernacles' Information.

One of the world news updates was:

Tighten Your Belts, Food Prices Are Rising! If you eat lunch at a restaurant, you have probably noticed prices on the menu rising from what they were earlier this year. The Financial Times reported (July 8, 2007) that the British are paying more for fish ‘n’ chips, because shortages are causing the price of potatoes and mushy peas–traditional side-dishes—to soar. Bob Cotton, CEO of the British Hospitality Association, says his members “across the board” have begun to raise menu prices. “Suddenly we’ve got food-price inflation.”  The U.K. is facing a 50,000-ton shortfall in peas. Torrential rains have damaged crops, and farm machinery is bogging down in wet fields. Weather-related problems reduced the potato crop for the last two years. Nestlé chairman Peter Brabeck says food prices are poised for “significant and long-lasting” inflation because of demand from China and India, and the use of crops for bio-fuels.  Britain’s Office for National Statistics reports that U.K. food prices have risen 4.9 percent; vegetable prices are up 9.6 percent and fish are up 12.7 percent. Because of flooded wheat fields, the cost of top-quality bread-making wheat has risen 75 percent in the last two years. The Scriptures warn, “The word of the LORD came again to me, saying: ‘Son of man, when a land sins against Me by persistent unfaithfulness, I will stretch out My hand against it; I will cut off its supply of bread, send famine on it, and cut off man and beast from it’” (Ezekiel 14:12-13)

08/15/07 a.m. With more on "dumb ideas", LCG's announced the following commentary on "Political Correctness" by Davy Crockett:

What is this dumb idea all about? It has become so pervasive that it impacts all levels of our society and impedes our communication with others. What is the point? Why has this worthless concept and practice become so prevalent? Click here to read more.

08/13/07 p.m. In an email, LCG's Dr. Meredith reported:

Greetings from Charlotte! I have very sad news to report. Just as I returned from dinner last night about 9:30 p.m. I received a call letting me know that Mr. Carl Ponder had just died earlier in the evening! Mr. Ponder had been cave exploring with a group of young people in the Church—including some of his own family. He had had a history of heart trouble and diabetes for some time but he kept right on serving God’s people and the young people—whom he especially loved. His own daughter was in the group of hikers when he collapsed just outside the cave they had just finished exploring. By the time the paramedics came, they pronounced him dead—although he was later taken to a hospital where other efforts were made to revive him.

I just got through talking to Mrs. Ponder and she is a real “trooper.” She is already looking forward to seeing him in the resurrection and spoke very highly of his service to God’s people. She has asked me to perform his funeral, which I plan to do this coming Sunday in Prattville, AL, God willing.

Dear brethren, please let this be a stern reminder to all of us that we need to be more careful about our own health—getting regular medical “check ups,” being extremely careful with regular diet, exercise and sleep and doing all we can to “avoid bodily injury.” God wants us to do our part—although, I know, we do sometimes feel constrained to go “above and beyond” in serving God’s people. But we certainly deeply need more ministers to serve God’s people. And Mr. Ponder’s loss will be terribly missed not only personally by many of us who knew him, but by the Work as a whole.

So let us pray fervently for Mrs. Ponder and the family. And let us pray also—continually—for God’s ministry and for their wives around the world. Many do go “above and beyond” and perhaps take unnecessary risks in pushing themselves too hard. Certainly, we are at the end of an age as everything around us is beginning to tell us clearly. So we can look forward to seeing Mr. Ponder very soon in the resurrection. Mr. Carl Ponder died as he lived—serving God’s people. He especially enjoyed being with and ministering to the young people, and his wife just told me on the phone that he was actually “singing as he came out of the cave” and was so happy to be with the youth just before he collapsed. So his next waking moments will be in the resurrection when he sees many of them—and, hopefully, many of us when Christ returns at the “last trump.” May God speed that day!

We will be sending you more information and details about his death and about the funeral in days to come. But please pray for Mrs. Ponder and everyone concerned. And let us all pray more for one another and for God’s people everywhere. Let us truly love one another while we have the opportunity.

With Christian love,

Roderick C. Meredith

I had received an email earlier that Carl Ponder may have had a heart attack, but had not seen confirmation until I received the above email.

08/12/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from Douglas Winnail. In it, he mentions the Regional Conferences, an advanced leadership course, the start of Living University, health updates, Australia, Cameroon, United Kingdom, the Feast of Tabernacles, world news items, and asks if you are a peacemaker.

Here is one of the world news items:

U.S. and Britain—on the Chinese Menu? The August 7, 2007 issue of Money and Markets lists some of the major American corporations being taken over by foreign investment. Earlier this summer, the Chinese government bought a $3 billion interest in the American-owned Blackstone Group, a private equity firm that purchases other companies. In 2005, China’s National Offshore Oil Corp. had been rebuffed in its attempt to use some of the nation’s $1.3 trillion cash reserve to take over Chevron Oil for $18.5 billion. From this defeat, the Chinese learned important lessons, leading to the Blackstone deal which will mask China’s power in future takeovers. Last week, the state-owned China Development Bank made a $3 billion investment in British-owned Barclays Bank; another $10.5 billion will be forthcoming if Barclays wins control of Dutch holding company ABN AMRO. These acquisitions are made possible by the huge imbalance of trade between the U.S. and Asia, which has left China with a $1.3 trillion cash reserve. Other nations are also after U.S. assets; last week, South Korea’s Doosan Infracore announced its purchase of Ingersoll-Rand’s Bobcat division for $4.9 billion. Now that the U.S. dollar is losing value, China and other Far East nations are looking for hard assets—U.S. and British businesses and real estate—to replace their weakening dollars. An enemy is welcome inside our gates and rising higher and higher (Deuteronomy 28:43-44; Ezekiel 26:10-13)! reported:

Media Update

It’s a good thing our TV viewers have not heard about our “80% rule,” that an average of  only about 80 percent of the first-time response will come in for a summer re-run.  This weekend we aired Mr. Wallace Smith’s program, #289, “America on the Brink,” which offers The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy.  From Thursday through Sunday, we received 1,863 phone calls.  It looks like the final response may surpass the first run-response back in December, when the first airing produced 2,428 responses.

Last week my wife and I spent six days and five nights with Mr. and Mrs. Rod King in England.  It was our best church-business trip ever.  We met with those who handle our account at our English call-center and with our media agent, Dr. Cradock.  We even checked out a possible Feast location while we were there.  I also introduced Mr. King at two public Bible lectures.  The lectures were most inspiring, as was the entire trip!– Wayne Pyle

The September-October 2007 Tomorrow’s World magazine has gone to the printer. More than 338,000 copies will be mailed to subscribers in 179 countries around the globe.  Dr. Douglas S. Winnail’s “Resurgent Germany: A Fourth Reich?” is this issue’s cover article; other articles include “How to Know God” by Dr. Meredith, “Modern Morality and the Ten Commandments” by Mr. Richard Ames, and “How Do You Spot a Counterfeit?” by Mr. Wallace Smith.

08/10/07 a.m. This morning, LCG announced the following commentary by Carl Ponder:

A powerful military establishment, a booming economy, food in abundance, healthy citizens, prosperity abounding – all that any nation could want or hope for. Click here to read more.

08/05/07 a.m. The site announced:

In July the number of people visiting our websites set a new record with a total of 82,763 unique visitors recorded across our US websites!  In the first seven months of 2007 we averaged 78,093 visitors to our websites each month.  This represents a 24.2% increase over the same period last year.  The numbers from our international websites would push these figures even higher.

Here is the latest update from D. Winnail. In it, he mentions LYC, the Regional Conference in Tyler TX, other regional updates, German and other LCG website data, Padukah, world news items, and seeking guidance.

Here is one of the world news items:

Things Are Heating Up!  The United States is at top alert level for potential fire outbreaks, the National Interagency Fire Center reported on July 23, 2007. In its National Fire News, the NIFC warned that “thunderstorm activity will increase in the West over the next few days,” leading to an increase in lightning strikes that can lead to fires. Dry lightning storms have been responsible for most of the estimated 559 wildfires across the U.S. this year, affecting 4,359,680 acres in eleven states. More land has burned in the last seven months than in the previous ten years combined! From 1997 through 2006, just 3,051,258 acres were lost to fires. Dangerously dry conditions, caused by drought, are the chief cause of this year’s rampant fire activity. Meanwhile, Agence France-Presse (July 25, 2007) reported that high temperatures in Hungary led to 500 deaths in July. While Britain was enduring its worst flooding in decades, Europeans from Italy to Greece, and across the Balkans, were seared by temperatures from 104 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. In Romania, 860 people reportedly fainted in the streets from the heat. God anciently warned, “Behold, I will kindle a fire in you, and it shall devour every green tree and every dry tree in you; the blazing flame shall not be quenched, and all faces from the south to the north shall be scorched by it. All flesh shall see that I, the LORD, have kindled it; it shall not be quenched” (Ezekiel 20:47-48). Are we starting to see this happen now? 

The number of acres burnt truly is astounding, especially compared with the prior decade total.

There has actually been a brush fire near here our local area for just over a month--they thought it was under control, then it came back--it is in a national forest area and now is not expected to be out until sometime in September.

08/03/07 a.m. This morning, LCG announced the following commentary by Rand Millich:

Once the nation of the United States of America was established, what role did religion play in the years following? Was there a wall of separation between religion and the state? Many believe that the founding fathers delivered the nation from the influence of religion and the Bible. Let us examine the facts. Click here to read more.

On other matters, in the 06/28/07 update from HQ, was the following from RC Meredith:

Many “little groups”—here and there—have part of the Truth and are doing a “little” part of the Work. But where is Christ primarily working and where are His eyes focused today on the Church He is using to prepare for the coming Kingdom of God? Most of you understand. But some of our people are confused and weak, and some are also discouraged that several of our brethren are becoming seriously ill with various forms of cancer, heart disease, etc. 

So our Headquarters team unanimously agreed that we should call a Church-wide fast for the Sabbath of August the 4th! Please inform the brethren of this important fast, “clear the decks” of any Church activity which might interfere and encourage the brethren to do the same with their personal schedules. 

Fellow servants of Christ, let us all look forward to unitedly humbling ourselves and to fasting before our God. Let us beseech Him for increased spiritual discernment and strength, for His special blessing on the vital Work He is using us to perform, and for His divine intervention to heal those who are seriously ill among us. 

As we prepare ourselves and our brethren for this fast, let us meditate on God’s promise as given in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”  

Brethren let us truly go “all out” to prepare ourselves and our brethren to draw very close to God in the months and years ahead. As events speed up, those who have real spiritual discernment realize that time truly is short! So let us use every opportunity to walk ever more closely with Christ and with God as the end of this age approaches.  

Thus, the church-wide fast in LCG begins tonight.

08/01/07 a.m. reported:

July 31, 2007

HOUSING UPDATE: Below is a list of economical housing located and inspected by our elder who lives in Branson, MO.

When calling these establishments for reservations, please let them know that you are with the Living Church of God, and that Mr. Ron Wheeler has referred you to the establishment. 

King's Quarters
226 Expressway Lane
Branson, 65616

By referencing the Living Church of God, rooms are available at $42 + tax per night for the Feast. All rooms have two Queen beds. It is located 3.8 miles from the Convention Center. 

Ramada Limited
2316 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway
800 856-0730

This is a typical Ramada Inn. The rate quoted for our group is $50.00 per night + tax for a total of $56.30.  The rooms have two queen beds or one king bed.  By using Hwy 248 to get there, it is 5.6 miles from the Convention Center.

Classic Motor Inn
2384 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway
Branson, 65616

For classic car buffs, this is the place to stay!!! It is a very clean motel.  The rooms are spacious with either two queen beds or a king bed.  They have quoted a rate of $54.95 + tax. It is approx. 5.7 miles from the Convention Center.

The Honeysuckle Inn and Conference Center
3598 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway
Branson 65616

Garnett Walters, of group sales, has quoted a rate of $55 per night for our group.  His phone number is 417-335-2020 Ext 201. This place has over 200 rooms. This huge hotel is right across the street from the Golden Corral. It is very near an IMAX theatre. The downside is that it is 6.6 miles from the Convention Center.

July 28, 2007

Feast Registration Web site update for Branson, MO:

Branson promises to be a beautiful Feast site that will be enjoyed by Church members of all ages and financial means.  Information about the beautiful new Branson Convention Center can be viewed online at   The convention center is owned by the city, and is managed by the Hilton Corporation.  There is a new Hilton Hotel adjacent to the convention center.  Another Hilton Hotel--the Hilton Promenade at Branson’s Landing--is located less than a block away from the convention center, on the shore of beautiful Lake Taneycomo.

The city of Branson has an excellent website, , which lists by category (hotel, condominium, cabin, bed and breakfast, etc.) all the lodging in the city.

The Festival Office has inspected the following properties, which have agreed to give Feastgoers discounted rates for lodging on reservations made during the 14-day period between Sunday, July 29 and August 11. The Church has made no reservation guarantees to these establishments, nor does the Church receive any rebate or compensation from them.  All discounts are for the benefit of Living Church of God Feastgoers.

If you wish to stay at one of these places, we urge you to make your reservations as soon as possible, beginning on Sunday, July 29. If these establishments do not meet your needs, there is ample housing in all price ranges in the Branson area.

The following is a list of establishments that have agreed to special rates for the 14-day period.  After August 11, available lodging will be priced at market rates.

Hilton of Branson

Recipient of the "2006 Circle of Excellence Award"

Host hotel for the Feast of Tabernacles 2007

Reservations: 866-568-0890

                ·One bedroom suite @ $109.00/ per night

                ·One bedroom king condo with kitchen @ $149.00/ per night

Web site:

The Woods Resort & Golf Course

Reservation Center: 888-808-7410

Room block code number to give for reservations: *14-985 (must give this to make reservations)

                ·Standard Guest Rooms @ $89.00

                ·Two bedroom cabins @ $219.00

Web site:

Comfort Inn West

Reservations: 417-334-8694    

Mention you are with the Living Church of God for a $78.00 room rate

This rate is good for the next 2 weeks. Rooms will then be sold based on availability.

Web site:

Thousand Hills Golf & Conference Resort

Reservations: 800-864-4145

Tell them you are with the Living Church of God to receive the group rate.

                ·One Bedroom Cabin @ $137.50 (sleeps 2-4 with couch)

                ·Two Bedroom/two bath Cabin @ $175.00 (sleeps 4-6 with couch)

Every cabin is uniquely decorated; contains a bath for every bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, spacious living room, dining room, patio & free

high-speed internet. Conveniently located in a secluded wilderness, each unit has a generous Jacuzzi bath and stone fireplace.

Web site:

Radisson Hotel Branson

Reservations 888-566-5290 or 800-333-3333

King Accommodations include a king size Sleep Number bed, an easy chair with ottoman, desk , credenza and a remote controlled color television. $99.00/per night

Double Accommodations include two full size Sleep Number beds, two easy chairs, an activity table, credenza and a remote controlled color television. $99.00/per night

Leisure Suites include two rooms of comfort. The living area includes a queen size sleeper sofa, an easy chair with ottoman, color television, dining area for 4 people, and a small refrigerator. Adjoining the bedroom, which has a king size Sleeper Number bed and desk, the spacious bathroom has an enclosed closet, whirlpool tub and a walk-in shower. Just outside the living area is a balcony from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of Branson. $199.00/per night

Presidential Suites Accommodates include three rooms of comfort. The living area includes a queen size sleeper sofa, two easy chairs, color television, dinning area for 6 people and an adjoining half-bath. The dining area offers a kitchenette with a refrigerator, sink, microwave and a toaster. Adjoining the bedroom, which has a king size Sleeper Number bed, desk and color television, the spacious bathroom has an enclosed closet, whirlpool tub and a walk-in shower. Just outside the living area is a balcony from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of Branson. $219.00/per night

Web site:

The above has been added to the LCG 2007 Feast of Tabernacles' Information link. Our family went to Branson for the FOT the one year that GCG had it there.

07/29/07 p.m. From Argentina, LCG's D. Campos reports:

The new spanish versión of Tomorrow´s World magazine is on line. It is the 8va magazine!!!   Then "Revistas"

Although my Spanish is almost nonexistent, I do know that "Revistas" means magazines :)

LCG in the USA announced the following commentary by Davy Crockett:

So-called “animal rights activists” are aggressively promoting this incredibly dumb idea. Carried out to the extreme, this cockamamie idea means to ascribe to animals the rights and privileges that human beings have. Click here to read more.

07/29/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. It mentions the Kansas City regional conference, income is up 7.3%, television news, Living University, health issues, many FOT updates, the foundations of friendships, and world news items.

The FOT updates are also included in the article LCG 2007 Feast of Tabernacles' Information.

Here are two television related items, the first written by Dr. Meredith and the second by other staff:

So with our fervent prayers and dedicated service to God continuing, perhaps He will grant us nine to twelve percent increase this year in the Work’s income here in the U.S.! This would really be encouraging—and it is needed in order to help us continue to “grow” the Work, the Living University, our use of the Internet, etc. Also, we have been receiving outstanding responses for the telecast—especially during the normally “slow” summer season. Last week, we received over 4,000 responses for Mr. Ames’ repeat telecast. This past weekend, we received over 3,000 responses to my repeat telecast—so the responses have held up remarkably for the summer season. In addition, our new features on the Internet site are constantly improving—and our total impact via the Internet should be increasing steadily over the next several months. So I feel that God is certainly positioning us for a great deal of growth over the next two or three years! This is exciting and encouraging. And we should all thank God for it, yet increase our fervent prayers and service in His Work.  

Religious TV. “The flock of TV ministries is multiplying.” There are an estimated 10,000 religious television programs across the U.S., and they are competing hard for viewers’ money.  “It’s an expensive proposition to be on television on Sunday morning and obviously requires a lot of fundraising,” said one program producer. Thousands of TV preachers use their airtime begging for money instead of preaching the Truth of God and they gain a large portion of their income selling products. At the “Technologies for Worship” booth at the 2007 National Association of Broadcasters convention, hundreds of TV ministries looked for new ways to “hook” viewers and increase profits (Charlotte Observer, July 21, 2007).  Yet, the Bible states, “Buy the truth, and do not sell it” (Proverbs 23:23).  Visitors to the and websites, and viewers of the Tomorrow’s World telecast, know that this Work is different.  In a box on page 2 of the TW magazine, you read, “Tomorrow’s World has no subscription price. It is made possible by the tithes and offerings of Living Church of God members and others who have chosen to become co-workers in proclaiming Christ’s true gospel to all nations.”  Our literature is provided free to those who ask. Donations are welcomed, but we want to obey God’s word, and to share His truth and His warning message without charge.  According to Phil Cooke, author of the book, Successful Christian Television, “Most Christian television that you see is very low quality… It’s not very good, and a lot of people have issues with it.” The TW telecast strives to present God’s Truth with the quality it deserves, but we do it as a service to viewers, not as a money-making scheme. We trust in God to give us the resources to serve our members, website visitors, subscribers and viewers. That is why this Work is different—a truly unique work of faith (Matthew 24:14)!

07/28/07 a.m. The site reported:

Important Notice Regarding the Paducah, Kentucky, Festival Site

Recently, we learned that the J R’s Executive Inn in Paducah, where we planned to keep the Feast this year, may be experiencing some setbacks. Inspection by our own people revealed a lack of maintenance, inadequate staff, and that the sales staff had resigned.

While the situation may improve, we are concerned that it may deteriorate even further. These circumstances make it unwise to keep the Feast at this location. There are no other venues in the same area to which we can move our meeting place.  Therefore, after prayerful consideration and a multitude of counsel, the difficult decision has been made to move the Feast site from Paducah at this late date.

There is good news, however. In Branson, Missouri, a beautiful new convention facility is being completed and will be ready by Feast time. Our dates are available, and we have booked it for this year. The facility is operated by Hilton Hotels, which operates two hotels in conjunction with the Branson Convention Center, located one block from Branson Landing on Lake Taneycomo, a newly developed shopping and entertainment district.  The hotels offer standard and deluxe rooms, suites and some condominiums.

Hilton Hotels will reserve a block of rooms for our attendees at discounted prices. We are under no obligation to rent these rooms, but we think that many Church members will desire to stay near the meeting hall. There is ample housing in the Branson area ranging from luxury to economy, including many condominiums.

Branson is known for family entertainment.  It is a beautiful area with Lake Taneycomo, Table Rock Lake and Bull Shoals Lake nearby, along with several golf courses. There are also many other family-oriented attractions.

PLEASE NOTE: All those who had registered for the Feast in Paducah are now automatically registered for Branson, Missouri. If you do not want to attend the Feast in Branson, you may go to the website, login to your “MyLCG” account, and register for one of our other sites.  The only site in the USA and Canada that cannot accept any more transfers is Newport, Oregon. All other sites are still open for transfers.

Those who are not currently registered for Paducah, but who would like to go to Branson, may do so by going to the website and registering to attend in Branson.

Mr. Davy Crockett was assured by the management at the JR Executive Inn that they will reimburse all cash deposits to our members with no action necessary from them. He was also informed that the JR Executive Inn has not run any credit card charges on our members’ reservations.

The above information in also in the LCG 2007 Feast of Tabernacles' Information article.

07/26/07 p.m. Several weeks ago, Dr. Meredith announced a church-wide fast for healing for August 4, 2007 (see 06/28/07 update, posted 7/02/07). I would like to remind readers of this page that there are prayer requests for healing all the time at the Prayer Request site put together by other LCG members (such as Steve Moody). And while praying for the ill during the Fast is an excellent idea, praying for them throughout the year seems to be an excellent idea as well :)

07/26/07 a.m. The site had that following information:

TW Bible Course Goes Online!
The Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course is now available online! This Bible Study Course will take you through your own Bible and make plain the answers to many questions such as: Why study the Bible today? Are we living in the last days? Can you understand Bible prophecy?

07/24/07 p.m. In his latest commentary, LCG's Carl Ponder stated:

Recently, I attended a funeral in another state. Every effort was made by the minister to assure the family that the deceased was a special person who was now with Jesus, looking down from Heaven. Click here to read more.

07/22/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from D. Winnail. In it, he reported about LYC (which is still in progress), a UK lecture, a Regional Conference, need for an assistance webmaster, a new assistant pastor being hired, health issues, FOT updates (mainly choir/music related), world news items, and working together.

Here is one of the world news items:

Witches in Norway.  Last month, witches from around the world gathered for a three-day conference in Vardo, Norway.  The meeting, sponsored by Scandinavian and American universities, involved lectures, discussions and videos.  A major focus of the meeting was on Shamanism, the ancient practice of communicating with the dead, mostly through animal spirits (UPI, June 29, 2007).  God long ago condemned the use of witchcraft, sorcery and communing with the dead (Leviticus 20:6; Galatians 5:20), yet mankind has continued and even glorified these practices.  Why does God hate witchcraft and outline punishment for those engaging in such activities? Because it is in direct violation of the first commandment—it replaces God with other gods—earth, wind, fire, animal spirits, etc. Because of these and other sinful behaviors, God warns that He will punish the Israelite-descended peoples (Leviticus 26)—that is, unless they repent (Jeremiah 18:8-11).  This is why we must preach the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God, including the need for repentance from sins (Ezekiel 3, 33; Acts 2:38). 

All of the FOT updates have been added to the article LCG 2007 Feast of Tabernacles' Information.

07/15/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from D. Winnail. In it, he mentions today is the deadline to register for the Feast of Tabernacles. He also mentions the telecast, that LYC begins this week (I took my son Brian to the airport this morning so he can attend), an extension on applying for Living University, assistant webmaster job opening, God's interventions with various healings, international reports (Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Burma/Myanmar, Cameroon), world news items, and forgiveness.

Here is the FOT announcement:

Feast of Tabernacles 2007 

Feast Registration (to be announced at all USA and Canadian congregations) 

Plans are moving forward for the Feast of Tabernacles 2007.  We had a profitable Festival Coordinators teleconference last Tuesday to discuss site plans, budgets, and many other matters.  Our coordinators are working very hard to prepare for the Feast—which is now just under 11 weeks away!

As a reminder, our registration deadline is this Sunday, July 15.  If you have not registered yet, please make every effort to do so.  Almost 90 percent of U.S. and Canadian brethren have registered, but we are still missing registrations from several hundred people.  Registration helps us greatly in our festival planning.—Rod McNair  

Here is one the news items:

Zimbabwe Is Unraveling. The government of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe is crumbling, with even some of his own leaders calling for the President’s resignation. Hyperinflation exceeding 5,000 percent has a choke-hold on the nation.  A loaf of bread, if it can be found, now costs about $40,000 Zimbabwe dollars (28 U.S. cents).  President Mugabe, in an attempt to slow inflation (and some say save his presidency), has mandated slashing prices on products, but many shopkeepers will not comply.  As a result, some 1,300 shop managers and owners have been thrown into jail (, July 10, 2007). Inflation has created a black-market situation where goods cost triple their value.  Police have also been seen forcing price-slashing and then buying up the goods for themselves. President Mugabe’s 27-year rule is coming to a close and many of his countrymen will be relieved to see him go.  His recent crushing policies on farming, trade and commerce have resulted in a nation and an economy that may come to a grinding halt as gasoline supplies run out later this week (Johannesburg Sunday Times, July 8, 2007).  Meanwhile, many in Zimbabwe are starving. King Solomon wrote, “A ruler who lacks understanding is a great oppressor…” (Proverbs 28:16).  God wants all judgments made righteously (Leviticus 19:15), but when they are not, people suffer. The Bible tells of the future when all judgments made will be righteous and done in love and mercy. God speed that day! 

It is truly sad what is happening in Zimbabwe.

07/13/07 a.m. This morning, LCG announced its latest online commentary by Davy Crockett:

Remember the old MAD Magazine character, Alfred E. Neuman, whose line was “What, me worry?” It was a humorous spoof making light of the need to worry about anything. Worry is a mental exercise that all of us engage in, though some more than others. It doesn’t produce anything. It uses up valuable time and resources, and it doesn’t give us joy or peace of mind. Click here to read more.

07/10/07 a.m. Today, LCG announced its latest online commentary by Carl Ponder:

Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries the British were recognized as being basically moral and God-fearing. British civil servants were known to be fair minded, good and decent people in such far flung areas as India, East Africa, the Caribbean and other colonial outposts. Click here to read more.

07/08/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from D. Winnail. In it, he mentions travel German updates, Costa Rica, Arkansas, LYC, festival registration, and world news updates.

Here is one of the world news items:

Farm Fertilizer is Killing the Gulf of Mexico. Louisiana’s Times Picayune newspaper reported last month (June 9, 2007) that the “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico is growing. Each spring, water from farms across the U.S. heartland drains into the mouth of the Mississippi River. Laced with chemicals farmers use to fertilize wheat and corn crops, the water empties into the Gulf of Mexico, causing unnatural algae to bloom for several months, depriving sea life of oxygen. This season’s “dead zone” off the coast of Louisiana covers an area the size of the state of Connecticut. University of Michigan professor Don Scavia said: “You reach a point where you’ve shifted the ecosystem to a completely different domain, and the recovery from that may be impossible. There will be a time when the critters that typically occupy the sediment in those areas can no longer recover.” Those “critters” are worms and bottom-dwelling organisms that form the foundation of the food chain supporting all other sea creatures. The problem has been known since the 1940s, but federal and state programs addressing chemical and waste pollution entering the Gulf have been ineffective. The Bible predicts that all ocean life will eventually die. “Then the second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it became blood as of a dead man; and every living creature in the sea died” (Revelation 16:3). Could man’s poor stewardship of the earth contribute to this catastrophic end-time event? 

07/06/07 a.m. LCG reported:

Will Israel Attack Iran?  On June 11, 2007, Israel successfully launched its most advanced spy satellite ever. This device’s orbit will carry it over Iran, Iraq and Syria every 90 minutes (Jerusalem Post Online [], June 11, 2007). According to senior U.S. sources, the U.S. and Israel have a joint military strike plan in place for destroying Iranian nuclear facilities. One U.S. senator is calling for an early strike to take out Iranian bases thought to be supplying fighters and arms to the resistance in Iraq (, June 10, 2007). Meanwhile, the Israeli air force is practicing long-range bombing maneuvers in preparation for a strike against Iran (, June 21, 2007). They are also bracing for confrontation as early as this summer with one of many enemies: Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, World Jihad, or Syria (, June 25, 2007). Richard Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, has simultaneously been pushing the U.S. to “act now” to relieve Iran of its nuclear capability (, June 27, 2007). Israel continues to be at the center of rising Middle East tensions. God prophesied that Israel and Jerusalem would be embroiled in conflict prior to the return of Christ and would have many enemies (Zechariah 12:2-3). Israel will be engaged in increasing conflict as time and prophecy march on.

Since Iran is NOT the king of the South, something will most likely be done to reduce its influence.

07/02/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from Douglas Winnail. In it, he mentions the Phoenix conference, has a letter from RCM regarding an upcoming church-wide fast for healing, LYC, pre-teen camp, Indonesia, Guatemala and Mexico, United Kingdom, Feast site issues and changes, world news, and admonitions about redeeming the time.

Here is the pre-teen camp announcement:

Missouri Pre-Teen Camp: The 2007 LYC Pre-Teen Camp in Missouri is now behind us, and our 44 enthusiastic campers should all be back home safe and sound.  The week was fantastic. God’s presence and blessings were also obvious in the weather we were given, in everyone’s good health, and in the overall good attitude of our staff and campers.  Many of our 12-year-old campers expressed regret that next year they would be too old to come again!  With archery, riflery, canoeing, sports, arts and crafts, an obstacle course, a nature walk, Christian Living classes, and a fun show, campers and staff were kept busy and on their toes.  Our many thanks to everyone who gave of their time, energy, and funds to make this year’s camp a success, including our volunteers who came from as far as Canada and France. This was the first time Mr. Darrell Lovelady and I had ever directed the camp, and we learned a great deal.  To say that we are brimming with ideas to make camp even better next year would be an understatement, and we will be meeting in about a month to begin putting those ideas into action.—Wallace Smith 

Here is one of the world news items:

Deutschland Uber Alles. The German national anthem reads “Germany Above All”—a telling prophecy in and of itself. German courts have outlawed home schooling—against the tenets of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights. Both documents ensure the rights of parents to educate their children according to their own convictions, philosophies, and religion, yet German courts, NOT LAWMAKERS, have ruled on this issue, bypassing the justice system and asserting that those in power are more important than the populace or even common law (The Home School Court Report, May/June 2007). The situation with home schooling is the tip of the iceberg for German and European politics. The EU set precedent for such actions by appointing a non-elected European Court of Justice and by passing laws and regulations without the popular support of the people. In a power-packed meeting of the EU nations last week, Poland was the lone dissenting nation of the 27, regarding revising the EU constitution— German Chancellor and EU President Merkel pressured the Polish president by literally threatening that the EU would go ahead with or without Polish support. The Polish prime minister, of course, consented to the revisions (Spiegel Online, June 23, 2007). As it stands now, the revised constitution will be voted on only by the elite of 26 out of 27 EU nations, bypassing the populace (Financial Times, June 26, 2007). The home schooling issue is merely a symptom of a much greater shift in politics in Germany—a power that God prophesies will soon dominate Europe once again (see Daniel 11:40-43, Revelation 17). 

06/29/07 a.m. Those intending to attend the FOT in New Zealand or Australia, should read the latest update at the following link LCG 2007 Feast of Tabernacles' Information.

On other matters, have you been to the Prayer Requests page lately?

06/27/07 a.m. reported:

Updated information on Winter Park, Colorado

June 22, 2007 

Alpine Resort Properties has agreed to provide a block of condominiums for our group through July 21, 2007.  We are under no obligation to rent these units, but because we have rented our meeting space from them, they will hold the properties listed below for our brethren until July 21.  After that time reservations can still be made on a “space available“basis.

If these units do not meet the space or price requirements of our brethren, there are many other properties in the Winter Park area that should be available. 

The contact information and reservation procedure for the Alpine Resort Properties is given below.

If you have questions, please call Mr. Ben Whitfield, Festival Site coordinator.

Davy Crockett

This and other information are also available at LCG 2007 Feast of Tabernacles' Information.

06/24/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from D. Winnail. In it, he mentions Regional Conference last weekend in Sweetwater (Tennessee), Living University registration and classes, Texas floods, East Africa, the FOT, international news, and the Sabbath.

Here is one of the international news items:

Israelite-Descended Nations Increasingly Against EU Constitution.London is becoming increasingly isolated in the European Union over its efforts to limit the scope of the revived EU constitution” while Britain and Germany war over support by the new French President (The Times, May 17, 2007). Britain’s opposition to the constitution is closely followed by two other “Israelite-descended” nations, Denmark and Sweden, while some of the staunchest supporters of the constitution are Gentile-descended nations such as Hungary, Poland, Estonia, and Slovenia (EU Observer, June 19, 2007). Meanwhile, Russian President Putin is warning against a military buildup in Eastern Europe that could prompt a strong response by Russia (The Times, June 4, 2007). For decades, the Church has warned about a coming group of ten nations in central Europe that will arise as the Beast power of Revelation 17. Developing relations in Europe are separating many nations down historical and ethnic lines, making way for the ten prophesied nations. Additionally, increasing division between Russia and the rest of Europe also fits well with God’s prophesied warning of a clash between a future Beast power in Europe and a massive army that will attack from the north and east of Jerusalem (Daniel 11:44-45; Revelation 9:13-21).

The Church has long that England would not be part of the final European Beast power.

Here's some updated information on Winter Park, Colorado:

Alpine Resort Properties has agreed to provide a block of condominiums for our group through July 21, 2007.  We are under no obligation to rent these units, but because we have rented our meeting space from them, they will hold the properties listed below for our brethren until July 21.  After that time reservations can still be made on a “space available“basis.

If these units do not meet the space or price requirements of our brethren, there are many other properties in the Winter Park area that should be available. 

The contact information and reservation procedure for the Alpine Resort Properties is given below.

If you have questions, please call Mr. Ben Whitfield, Festival Site coordinator.

Davy Crockett

06/19/07 a.m. This morning, LCG announced the following commentary by D. Crockett:

Here is another classic dumb idea of mankind. It all started right after the flood of Noah. You can read about it in Genesis 10:8-12. Nimrod, the great grandson of Noah, began to have people look to him for guidance and protection rather than relying on God. He built the first city-states and set the Babylonish pattern for mankind from that point on. Click here to read more.

Although some of the parallels are less than obvious, the same type of thing is now happening in Europe. Please see the article Europa, the Beast, and the Book of Revelation.

06/17/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from D. Winnail. In it, he mentions travels, reports from South Africa, Kenya, and Mauritius, Florida, job openings (local network specialist and television production assistant), FOT updates, some international world news, and a perspective on trials.

The site reported:

*** Change in Colorado Festival site: ***

June 15, 2007

There has been a change of venue at our Colorado Feast site.  We had previously announced that we would be meeting at the Snow Mountain Ranch at the YMCA of the Rockies, near Winter Park, CO.  However, a decision has been made to move the meeting place to the Silverado II, an Alpine Resort Property at Winter Park, Colorado.  Their website gives information about the property and can be seen at:

More information about the Winter Park area is can be found at the following link:

For those who may wish to move their accommodations from the YMCA at the Rockies, there may be a cancellation fee for doing so.  If you encounter this situation, please contact the Festival Site coordinator, Mr. Ben Whitfield at (307) 324-7931, if you need assistance. More details will be posted on the MyLCG web site very soon. 

Please refrain from making reservations at the Alpine Resort until the property has time to get our group set up in their system. This should take about a week.  Please check at this page to see when reservations can be made.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Davy Crockett

The Colorado information, including that other announcements (people hoping to go to Oregon will especially need to read this) are available in the article LCG 2007 Feast of Tabernacles' Information. You can also go to

The website shows the following:

17th of June 2007 - LYC Pre-Teen, MO.
17th of July 2007 - Living Youth Camp, MI.

06/16/07 a.m. The website announced:

L4T Cancelled :(
9th of June 2007
Posted by KiwiGeek

Good morning all.

I just received a sad announcement from Mr. Greer regarding the cancellation of the L4T that was due to take place in July before LYC.  For some reason (I don't know the specifics) it's had to be cancelled - so! I guess if you were planning on going to both then it's probably time to update your travel plans.  If you have any questions regarding the cancellation, you can contact me directly ( and I'll be happy to forward them on to Mr. Greer.

Thanks, and have a good Sabbath.

06/15/07 a.m. This morning, LCG announced another commentary by Carl Ponder:

Recently I watched a program on PBS about Voodoo and Zombies in Haiti. Many people have heard of Haiti. Unfortunately, most have never heard of the pivotal role Haiti played in America’s rise to greatness...

It can now be proven that their descendants migrated out of the Middle East into Northwestern Europe and the British isles. One of their leading groups, the tribe of Manasseh, finally became the core people of America. Exactly 2520 years after their first wave of captivity, the Declaration of Independence was signed—in 1776ad. And 2520 years after the fall of their ancient capitol, Washington, DC became the new capitol of the fledgling United States – in 1800 ad. The meteoric rise of America to become the greatest, most powerful, wealthiest, most blessed-of-God nation which would ever exist, had begun!

You can Click here to read more.

06/12/07 a.m. This morning, LCG announced the following commentary by C. Ponder:

The honeybees are still hanging on inside the wall of our old farmhouse. I pray they will survive. But if the trend continues, they will all soon be dead, and all or most of their kind will be no more. Click here to read more.

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